Leather products By Taurus

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Leather products By Taurus

Leather products By Taurus

Complete range of leather accessories from Taurus Leather NZ

Taurus Leather Company is well-known for manufacturing the best leather accessories in all of NZ. This blog will provide you with information pertaining to their amazing product line and why you should shop these top-notch leather products from Action outdoors.

Taurus presents leather products for many purposes including; outdoor adventures & farming as well as building & construction.


Whether you are looking for leather equipment to make a style statement or protective gear to acquire immunity from any unfortunate incident, Taurus company products are the answer to your search.

Action outdoors prides itself upon top-quality and serviceability and Taurus Company shares these values with us. Owing to their values, we provide our customers with the diverse and exclusive range of Leather products from them for all kinds of different purposes.

Taurus Company successfully goes about its business with a great combination much praised arts. They have mixed their age-old experience and craftsmanship with the latest computer assisted production techniques. This great combination has resulted in an amazing product line, which caters to the needs of numerous satisfied customers.

The product Line of Taurus Company is a diverse one, it is given in detail below:

 The product line includes two major divisions:

  • Farming & Outdoors
  • Building & Construction

Taurus Company has been making amazing products for farming & outdoors as well as construction & building industry for decades. High quality leather, webbing, canvas and hardware products from Taurus has always met the demands placed by the professional from various trades.

The product line expands and offers a great range of products under each category, to perfectly match your needs pertaining to any work in the field or any adventure you may want to embark on.

Following is enlisted in detail, all the product types Taurus Company offers for your outdoor as well as farm needs.

  • Farming & Outdoors Animal Accessories:

Animal accessories; Collars, lead etc. from Taurus Company are suited to all kinds of animals; be it show ground, farmyard or backyard pets.

The products range from Nylon Air AU padded collars for comforting your animals to leather leads with snap hooks, and heavy-duty special collars to hard wearing leather drover's collars particularly made for the working dog, custom sized leather handle and chain leads, and nylon halters in various colors etc. These colorful products are ideal for calf say and help your animal stand out from the crowd.


All these items are available at Action outdoors in multiple sizes to perfectly match your requirements. Leather handle and chain leads are also available in custom sizes.

Taurus Leather Company specializes in making top-notch leather knife sheaths. The sleek design sheaths are great to watch and effective in their working.

Our range of Taurus knife sheaths offer a wide variety in size, shape, right-handed or left-handed etc.

Owing to the great variety Taurus offers a sheath for all kinds of scenarios you may come across.

Range includes different designs to comply with sizes and knife-types, the range includes sheaths for filleting knives, pocket knives, bloat knives and skinning knives.

Taurus protective gear helps you with the best items to carry while working outdoors. Protection is key priority, Leather protective wear from Taurus ensures your safety in various tough conditions you can encounter while working or having fun outdoors. Whatever outdoor adventure you plan to embark, protective gear is a must, to ensure you have a smooth, accident-free adventure.

Extensive range of leather protective wears includes; beautifully designed canvas & suede accessories great for use in different work or adventure conditions, canvas, leather, suede aprons; both full & half-length, canvas and oil skin leggings etc.

Taurus manufactures the best belts anywhere in the world, with quality buckles and pure leather.

Taurus belts are super stylish and help you pass a style statement. You can stop worrying about their life. They offer multiple years of excellent service.

Exclusive variety of belts allow you to choose from dozens of accessories, your preference can be brown or black, full or half buckle, we have a product for all your requirements.

Belts we stock come with breath taking buckles which take the style statement to a whole new level. It complements all your outfits and adds to them, no matter what outfit you are rocking that day.

This great variety helps you choose the ideal and best suited belt for your use, without compromising on the quality of leather or buckle. We offer these belts in 30 -38mm sizes.


  • Building & Construction:
  • Tool Belts:

Taurus Company’s Tool Belts’ range includes top quality tool belts for people belonging to different trades. The range includes products for as basic as a home-handy man to the most professional workers.

It is important for you to look for the ideal tool belt as per your service category.

Taurus offers multiple series of ranges to meet all the needs of different kinds of workmen. It includes; DIY series for work-handy men at homes, electrical series for electrical industry professionals, professional series for trades person or builder and trade mate series for people who need hard wearing tool belts for harsh, on-site working.


  • Tool Belt Accessories:

Taurus Leather Company offers tool belts accessories in a comprehensive range. The wide variety of Leather equipment in this range enables you to update your present tool belt or revamp a new tool belt for you.

Taurus belt accessories we store exclusively covers up for different needs of yours including working at farms, outdoors or as builders.

Tool belt accessories are best suited for working on farms e.g. fencing and multi-use aprons, nail bags or phones, ammunition pouches etc.

Taurus offers you accessories for all kinds of on-field activities regardless of your profession or working level and looks to add functionality to your gear.

Equipment under this range consists of hard-wearing leather which gives these accessories a big advantage over others.


Taurus offers an extensive range of products for people from different kinds of trades as well as for home-handy persons.

Range includes hard wearing, super products including; canvas tool bags and tool kits, which are top-notch tested products. These products have high lives and don’t wear out easily. Tool bags we supply from this range are made up of 15 oz poly cotton and rip stop canvas. These materials give strength and durability to these tool bags, resulting in long working lives.

Tool bags we stock come with an easy to wash Vinyl base. This designing and manufacturing helps in protecting bags from being affected from moisture.

A characteristic property of Taurus Company’s Leather tool bags is the presence of webbing straps on the sides of these bags. These straps are fluorescent and not only helps in strengthening the tool bags but also improves visibility. The side straps are designed to be with a width of 38 mm.

For more information about these amazing products and placing your orders, you can browse through our web portal choose from our wide variety and diverse range. We will ship your desired products to your doorsteps in three days.




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