New Shelving, Racking & Storage Products

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New Shelving, Racking & Storage Products

New Shelving, Racking & Storage Products


Shelving, Racking and Storage Solutions all at one place Action outdoors, for your all kinds of requirements ranging from warehouses, garages to houses and offices.

Storage solutions are extremely desirable if you’re looking to maximize your workspace or place things in order. Our products ensure optimization of your pace, which enhances your productivity. We offer a wide variety of products in shelving, racking and storing accessories. Accessories we stock provide you with viable options to counter all kinds of storage issues you may face.

Quality assurance is key in providing an ideal solution to any problem at hand and storage accessories are no different. We stock these items from brands which are known for delivering both; heavy and light-duty products to store objects as heavy as 350kg on each shelf level.

We offer both; Cantilever and long-span shelving solutions to ensure the availability of the ideal product for your respective needs. Our stocks feature heavy-duty equipment from Auckland racking and Surplus traders; which are known for their top-quality accessories to overcome storage problems.

Our stocks, here at Action outdoors, feature quality racks, shelves, and storages from Surplus traders and Auckland Racking for your storage needs at-home offices, warehouses or garages.

Although optimizing space is one of the key advantages of using these accessories we stock in our range, but we also offer help in setting up and installing of our accessories at your workspace.

To provide you with utmost safety we feature food-grade racks which can store food items for long periods without contaminating it. Branded accessories, from Auckland Racking and Surplus traders, in our product line are ideal to use for office, house, garage, and warehouse storage solutions.

Our product line offers you two different kinds of shelving and racking systems namely;

  • Longspan Shelving
  • Cantilever Shelving

Both these kinds are filled with utility products to suit separate needs of yours. If you’re looking for a multi-purpose storage solution we recommend the use of Longspan shelving equipment since it is made from heavy-duty material and offers great unwavering support to your load.

Contrarily, if you’re looking for shelves and racks for use in plumber, electrician or builder’s work; we recommend the use of light-duty cantilever shelves.

Longspan shelves from Auckland racking and Surplus traders are specifically made from heavy-duty, tough building material; which enables them to support heavy loads without deformation.

Diverse sizing is made available in our range. Such variety enables our customers to order product of their choice from this diverse range of ours.

The options we provide in long-span shelving range include; 1800mm, 2300mm, 1200mm long span shelves. We offer viable options with multiple size dimensions in length, width and depth of these racks.

Whether you own an office, warehouse, garage or a retail shop; storing solutions can enhance your productivity, which is why we offer products for all kinds of needs in commercial quantities as well.

Our racks and shelves from top brands have complied with the tough standards. They ensure the safety of your goods. Our products in the long-span range can bear up to 350 kg of load per level. Multiple levels’ option makes our products ideal for use in a number of purposes.

Cantilever shelves and racks are fixed at one end and free at the other. We provide cantilever shelves and racks for multiple uses including; light-duty use of builders, plumbers, electricians etc. Single and cantilever shelves and racks from top brands like Auckland racking and Surplus traders make sure you have a product for every problem you may come across.

Extra arms and ad on bays are essential in easing operations for our customers, which is why we ensure the availability of this added option. We have made available add on bays and optional extra arms to match your requirements in an ideal way with our diverse cantilever shelving range.

Place your orders now for your desired shelves, racks and storage solutions by browsing through our website to your desired products. We will ship your favourite accessories to your doorsteps within three days.



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