Updated Kilwell Rod Range August 2019

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Updated Kilwell Rod Range August 2019

Updated Kilwell Rod Range August 2019

Updated Kilwell Rod Range August 2019

Kilwell brand is known for offering top-quality products for different kinds of outdoor sports. Action outdoors offers Kilwell branded rods in this range to cater to all your needs relating to both; fresh and saltwater fishing. 
We stock a wide range and variety of Kilwell rods which you can choose from. Whether you seek a product for fly-fishing, trolling, jigging or spinning we have a product for all kinds of different purposes you need them for.

These items we stock are best in quality and offer great variety in sizes and weight categories.

We also stock Kilwell branded rods, best suited for all your saltwater fishing needs. This equipment we store is ideal for all kinds of different purposes in NZ waters. 
We also stock various items for your kayaks. You can choose ideal product for your every need from our diverse product line. Kilwell branded items in our range offer the best quality to price ratio. With extensive variety of Kilwell products, we ensure availability of strictly specific articles to meet your demands in ideal way.

This range of ours is a one-stop shop for all your requirements pertaining to fishing rods.

Whether you seek Kilwell boat, spin, surf or game rods we have it all for you at Action outdoors.
Place your orders now to benefit from amazing deals on all these amazing products. We will ship your favorite Kilwell branded rods to your doorsteps in three days.

Kilwell Black Shadow Rods:

Action outdoors offers Kilwell branded Black Shadow Rods in a wide variety. This range offers highly affordable products which get the job done. Black Shadow Rods are particularly designed by Kilwell to cater to the needs of a common fisherman. Articles in this range ensures the availability of high quality products to common fishermen at affordable costs. 
Black Shadow Rods offer a great advantage to general masses with low-cost, high quality products, which are great to use in all kinds of NZ conditions. This as a whole makes up for a must-have package. We stock a variety of products in this range suitable for multiple purposes; Boat, Surf, Wharf, Overhead and Spinning Rods are some examples. These are made available in different weight categories to perfectly match your needs.

 Kilwell EG Rods:

Kilwell branded EG Rods in our range are designed to perform in tough conditions. These are proven performers in tough NZ conditions. 
The unique build-up of EG give them an edge over the res. These products offer a perfect mixture of graphite and durable E glass under pressure, ensuring smooth working even under tough conditions.
EG articles come with full sets of wind-on roller guides. These roller guides enable them to be used to catch big sized prey.
EG come in 15-24 and 24-37 kg line variety. These weight ratings ensure the provision of variety to our customers. We stock them in SU and SUFR variety. These articles possess hard guides and roller tips made of heavy-duty gold inserts and graphite dura-butts. 
We also stock rods with full sets of roller guides, detachable alloy butt and leather grips. These characteristics make EG highly suitable for use in game fishing in tough NZ conditions.  

Kilwell Fly Fishing Rods:

We stock a wide variety of Fly-Fishing rods in this range. These Kilwell branded products are durable in use and come under two different product lines; Innovation and Presentation lines. 
These product lines are known for delivering top quality products, which are handmade, here in NZ. Our range also includes these in four and five pieces options. This wide variety enables our customers to choose ideal equipment for their needs. 
Fly-fishing range at Action outdoors also offers Orvis branded fly outfit encounters in a wide variety of sizes and designs to perfectly match your fly-fishing needs. Orvis Helios products in fly-fishing range of ours offer these articles in seven different sizes for our customers to choose from.

Kilwell Gladiator Rod:

Gladiator rods in this range are also called as Gladiator Swordfish rods. These rods are made to fish in tough saltwater conditions in NZ. Its unique construction involving E fiber glass allows it to operate in tough conditions with remarkable durability.
Gladiator game rods come with guides, which are made up of hard silicon carbide material and detachable Aluminum materials. The hard nature of silicon carbide along with bent butt designs gives gladiator leverage to fight and catch evasive and illusive species of fish in saltwater.
We stock these products with a wide variety ranging from 24-37 swordfish rods and 37-60 kg wind-on leader guides articles. These products enable you to troll your way into tough conditions for big fish; tuna, marlin etc. 
These are designed to fit on any style of deep dropping or any vessel of yours. If you are using braids gladiator is ideal for your use. 

KILWELL Heavy Metal Jig Rods:

Heavy metal jig rods in this range of ours are equipped with the latest multi layered technology. We stock the products with a wide variety in this product line. 
Action outdoors has made Heavy metal jig articles available with two different product lines or series. Both Fire and Talon Series possess the most talked about technology of Multi Layering.
Products in this range enable you to fish in the most hostile conditions for long hours. Such durable and tough behavior required strong building material which is made available in both fire and talon series. Products under this product line are equipped with guides, which are coated with anti-corrosive materials; titanium carbide. It also possesses anodized gimbals.
Talon series uses multi-layered technology with a carbon cloth, which is 30 million to 43 million modulus. In its butt section it also possesses a Kevlar wrap. These structural specifications give immense power and light bank to heavy metal jig rods. 

KILWELL International Rods:

International rods in our range from the reputed Kilwell brand have arguably the best record under game fishing. They have historically captured the highest amount of game fish. They are tried and tested in the NZ waters for big game fish and have their performance to vouch for their effectiveness.
If you are a serious seasoned fisherman and want to prey on big game fish, this range has the go-to products specifically build for you. All the experts and serious customers who are into game fishing admire these articles under this range and recommended using them for game fishing.
International’s equipment come with the best available saltwater grip that any rod can possess. The special design of these products include; tops and roller guides which are of super heavy-duty material. International’s articles come with a removable anodized butt, of heavy-duty Aluminum. We stock these amazing accessories as 24, 37 and 60 KG articles to perfectly match your needs.

KILWELL Jelly tip Rods:

Our diverse range includes another vital type in jelly tip. Articles in this line are designed using advanced Balanced Molecular Construction Technology processing. The specialized material of Jelly tip combines graphite and pink fiber glass to form this amazing piece of art.
The power butt is made up of graphite which control during the fight, while the tip is manufactured by pink fiber glass, which provides our process with sensitivity while detecting the bite.   
If a brand-new experience attracts you, Jelly tip is the thing for you. It is not only mesmerizing but also effective in working with the added sensitivity, power and control it renders during operation. We stock them with overhead guides installed. We provide our customers with 1.99 meters Jelly tip, which is ideal for use with 8-10 kg braids.

KILWELL Live Fiber Rods:

We stock Live Fiber in both Chair and Stand-up variety. These are top-quality rods ideal for fishermen who like to keep complete control of things even under the toughest conditions. 
Under seriously tough conditions Live Fiber come in handy and offer you the chance to fish hard without losing control. The construction of Live Fiber is unique, having mixed carbon fiber of aerospace grade with woven fiber glass. The structural dynamics impart additional strength in them and provide them with light, powerful blanks. With so strong blanks the tips remain super sensitive and slight contact with fish is transmitted.
They are made available with 24 and 37 kg ranges to match your demands. We stock these products with detachable anodized Aluminum butts, under and over bound guides mounted on them. 

KILWELL Power play Surf Rods:

Another vital addition to our range are Power play surf rods for serious surf casters. If you are a serious surf caster and want to taste success in tough NZ conditions against fighting fish species these are the products tailor made for you.
Products in this range are particularly designed to help you master surf casting. Power play offers further variety within the type, with a spectrum of blank materials which are specially designed to serve exact purposes.   
This wide variety ensures every fisherman gets the equipment of its choice. Different components inside the power play series are custom-built by useful materials to serve certain purposes. This amazing use of technological advancement has provided customers with solutions for all their previously dire problems.

KILWELL Salmon Rods:

Salmon product type in this range provides further variety to our customers. This types features handmade blanks coupled with custom finishing. These are equipped with quality components.
Special construction earns Salmon many benefits; cast weight ranging from 40 grams to 85 grams owing to the butt section twill weave stiffening. Despite the cast weight, Salmon reserves enough power to capture trophy fish for you with the help of its construction and design.
We stock them in two varying sizes namely; 2 piece blank, 3 meters and 2 piece blank with 3.66 meters in length. Like all other types, Salmon also come with a lifetime warranty which is proven by its tough nature and resilient design.

KILWELL Scepter Rods:

We stock a wide variety of Scepter rods in this range of ours. If you want a rod which is equally good in looks and performance SCEPTRE accessories are perfect answer to your query. 
Scepter are highly preferred and envied by seasoned anglers. It has a great record in catching desired fish in Kingfish, Tuna, and Sharks etc.   
 Products in this range are known for their super quick action taking ability. They are also very reliable when working and can fish hard for long hours. 
We stock these articles in 15 to 24 and 24 to 37 kg ranges. These accessories are equipped with Aluminum gimbals, under and over bound guides. They come with hard ceramic centers. A special type 8 to 15 kg range products offers nylon gimbals in place of Aluminum.


XANTU is a unique combination of two advanced technologies. This combination is unprecedented and our exclusive range holds it as the first such product type with Nano resins and Nano fibers combined to form blanks. XANTU basically is a hybrid polymer formed after the formation of a non-woven web by Nano fibers.
The blanks formed with XANTU layer possess certain additional properties. A vital advantage it enjoys is the advancement is its ability to lift without having to increase the weight of blank.
The flexural stiffness also remains the same throughout the process. XANTU articles are great to use with all kinds of fishing operations; soft baiting, jigging, game, fly, surfing etc. 
It implies ultra-fine fiber with 100 Nano meter diameter. The fiber implied is also ultra-long with 200 meters fiber length. 


Last but not the least, this range features XP rods, which are designed to specifically work equally well with various types of fishing. Whether you want to spin or surf through fresh water or boat through, XP offers articles, which serve as multipurpose products. 
This product types provides you with very sensitive blanks which will respond to the slightest contact with fish, but also possesses great power to fight the illusive fish species. The composite construction blanks with aforementioned varying properties are prepared by incorporating manufacturing process of TiCA Power weave. XP products specialize in having top-notch components installed by Kilwell brand. Accessories under this product line are particularly good to watch, as a result of years of research. 
We stock these products in different dimensions and weight categories to perfectly match your requirements. This variety ensures our customers have an article for their every requirement.
To benefit from our amazing deals, place your orders now. We will ship your favorite items to your doorsteps within 3 days.


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