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$1R Auctions on Trademe

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For the next few months we will be having a Rope Sale On trademe and in our Store.

Ropes we have instore and online!

Fineline Yacht Braid - From 4mm to 22mm - Comes in Various Colours also - For use on most yachting applications such as sheets, halyards, downhauls, runners, reefing line and spinnaker guys.

Manila Rope - From 4mm to 56mm - Manila rope is a natural fibre rope used for Ship lines and fishing nets. Also used in Landscaping, Crossfit, Handcrafts and Furniture.

Polyester Ropes - From 6mm - 40mm - Mostly used for Anchoring and Mooring but can also be used for sail material, Docking, Climbing and safety ropes because of its low stretch properties.

Polyprop Ropes - From 4mm - 40mm - Polypropylene is a lightweight material used for rescue lines and anything else that requires a lightweight floating rope. It doesn't absorb water and won't decay. Can be used when you're mooring, as a dock and anchor line and for other general applications onboard.

Nylon Ropes - 6mm - 40mm - Nylon ropes are the strongest of all ropes in common use. Nylon is ideal for use as bow-to-stern towing hawsers, surge lines, mountain climbing ropes, safety lines, lariat ropes, boat falls, drop hammer ropes, target tow rope, fishing ropes and industrial slings.

Sash Cord -  Solid braid construction, High tenacity UV polyester, Excellent general purpose braid, Available in solid black and white, Not suitable for high loads, Although excellent for Sash Windows.

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