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Updated Tica Fishing reel Info August2019

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TiCA Boat, Game Reels:

Reels are super important in making any fishing operation a success. We stock a wide range and variety of TiCA branded reels for all kinds of different operations you may need them for.

TiCA branded reels are preferred by anglers due to their innovative nature and unwavering attitude towards quality assurance. TiCA brand banks itself on stability, power, durability and engineering of their accessories. All these characteristic combine to make up for a trusted source.

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Zeet Lures In Stock Buy Online or Instore

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ZEETS WHITE STICK BAIT - 80g,100g,120g,130g,160g

These Zeets Floating Stick-baits are the end result of many years of travel and fishing the world for trophy game fish.

These lures have been tested and abused on busy charter boats to ensure they not only look stunning but they catch fish day in and day out.

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