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Rope info Types and Uses

Rope info Types and Uses

A complete guide on all kinds of, Cordage, Braids, & Twines you need.

Brief tour of our extensive range of these products at Action outdoors.

The importance of strong, reliable and durable ropes they are the single most important component of your gear for most outdoor operations.

Since, most adventures or work related activities; anchoring, mooring etc. are incomplete without a suitable rope, cordage, braid or twine to perfectly hold the condition under control, we felt the need to offer you a complete guide on these items alongside a tour of our extensive range and wide variety we stock at Action outdoors.

Selection of ideal rope for any task is of rudimentary importance for securing any level of success.

Twines, ropes, cordage, braids we stock offer an unmatched variety in colors, lengths, material and sizes. A diverse set of products enable our customers to lead successful expeditions by choosing the most suitable item for their use. 

Some key properties you should consider before buying a rope, twine, or braid include; strength, density, durability, stretch, softness, weight and strength retention over a period. All these key factors are primary characteristics different items from our range possess.

Our extended range includes massive variety in following cordage, braids and twines; Manila, Anchor cordage, yacht braids, braided chords, Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene material cordage. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop for all your needs relating to outdoor adventures’ gears. We do not compromise on product quality and service delivery to win your trust.

This blog entails all the detailed information you need to choose the ideal rope for use in various important jobs related to anchoring, mooring, docking, climbing, industrial and home applications etc.

Following are enlisted in detail key characteristics of the amazing products we stock. This information will help you choose the most suitable item for any kind of operation you may want to perform.

•   Manila:More Info 

Manila fiber possesses multiple desirable properties, which make it ideal for application in areas where water is near, or where rope is bound to get wet.

It is second to none, when parameter is offering resistance towards any adverse effects that salt sea water might have on twines. Other key properties include; durability and flexibility.

These properties combine for offering a great package, which can be used for ships’ lines, fishing, hawsers, nets etc. Our range includes following Manila fiber items.


This strongest, low-stretch, hard wearing salt-water effects resistant, soft, biodegradable fiber is available in multiple sizes from 4mm to 64mm. These sizes are available as 3 strand manila twines, which possesses all the aforementioned properties. We sell this natural fiber in both meters and coils. Owing to these various properties it is ideal for use under various activities on waters, also great to use for landscaping, cross-fit, decoration, fencing, climbing etc.

Pro synthetic Manila holds some great advantage over natural Manila fiber despite also possessing the great properties of natural fiber.

Composition of synthetic Manila include special polypropylene fibers, which lends it the natural Manila rope look. Synthetic Manila being made up of polypropylene fiber provides you with extra characteristics as it is; ideal for wet environments, which means wet places where natural fiber would shrink pro synthetic manila cordage will perform operation smoothly, without any shrinkage.

We stock these amazing ropes in different sizes ranging from 6mm to 40mm in diameter. These twines are great to use for landscaping, handrails, anchoring, deck & porch railings etc.

It gives an added advantage with longer lifespan than that of the natural fiber rope. It also offers great incentives being rough texture and odor-free, few things which are unwanted characteristic properties of natural fiber.


•     Anchor Ropes:Boat Anchor Ropes 6mm to 40mm

Anchoring your vessel is an important part of boating and for the successful completion of anchoring process, strong, reliable ropes are required. Action outdoors stocks these items under two different categories for perfectly matching your needs.

Our wide range includes ropes as well as combos of ropes and chains for you to anchor your vessel in the best way, without any dangers whatsoever. You will find complete variety in material, sizes etc. Following are the products we stock under our range pertaining to Anchor twines.


Our boat launch Anchor cordage are super-reliable. We stock these products with a myriad of sizes and materials for best addressing your concerns. Strength of boat launch cordage is a very important factor, we bring to you the best quality Anchor twines anywhere in NZ, which are specifically made for anchoring your vessels.

Materials we stock these boat launch anchoring ropes include; Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene. Our 3 strand polyester Anchor twines are known for staying soft even after extended use. They offer low-stretch characteristics.  Propylene twines, from our range are highly regarded for their use as boat launch anchor twines.

If you are looking for small products, our 8 plait Nylon ropes are ideal for you as they provide you with an unmatched breaking strain and stretch properties.


These combinations of ropes and chains have been made specifically for meeting your anchoring demands. The combinations are made with desired measurements of ropes, to perfectly cater to all your needs.

For any assistance pertaining to selection of ideal combinations and proportions for your use, you can browse through our web portal and reach web pages designated to these amazing combos.  We have made available, all the suitable combos of ropes and chains for anchoring in tables which you can access on our website.  These amazing combos for anchoring are made from specifically designed 3 ply Nylon and 8 Plait Nylon Auto Winch cordage. 


•       Fine line Marine YACHT BRAIDS:Fineline Marine Yacht Braids

Braids are extensively used by multiple industries including; fishing, boating, adventure, industrial etc. but find special application in super yacht. We stock Fine line Marine branded yacht braids, which are specially designed to comply with your fishing and boating accessories.

Our products are a work of research, manufactured to address all kinds of sailing problems of yours pertaining to yachts and boats.

Materials and fibers with which these braids in our stocks are manufactured include; Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester, Spun polyester, Kevlar, Tech Nora, Dynex, and Dyneema.  

An extensive range of these products include sizes from 0.50mm to 20mm in diameter.

We stock these amazing braids in a variety of color ranges to provide you with the most suitable item for your particular need. We offer our yacht braids in both meters and reels for you to buy as per your requirement. Reels start from above 100m purchases.


•       Braided Nylon:Braided Nylon

Our range includes braided Nylon cordage, which have a characteristic property of sinking in water owing to their high density manufacturing material. We stock this amazing utility product in a wide range from 1mm to 40mm in diameter. 

The characteristic behavior make them suitable for use in lifting heavy loads with use of pulleys.


•       Braided Polyester:Braided Polyester

We also stock braided Polyester ropes in this range to ensure the provision of every product you seek.

Characteristic property of braided polyester twine is their low stretch property. The characteristic behavior make them ideal to use in mooring operation, anchoring, long line droppers climbing, docking etc. 


•       Braided Polypropylene:Braided Polypropylene

Ski Rope Hollow braided Polypropylene products in our range holds distinction due to their floating property. They are water-resistant. Owing to this nature they are ideal to be used in boating, water skiing, docking, camping, anchoring etc. Their structure is hollow braided which helps in fulfilling the aforementioned properties.


•      BRIDON COOKES NZ Cordage:Bridon Cookes NZ Cordage

We also stock BRIDON COOKES Branded ropes; the brand is a world leading company in offering fiber rope technology. It is one of the leading supplier of fishing gear all over NZ for a period of more than one hundred years.


•       Cray Fishing Pot Rope:Cray Fishing Pot Rope


We provide our customers with Cray Fishing twines, cordage etc. for commercial use. These are available in our stocks in 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 X 220, 250m. We also offer them in desired, customized measures.


•        DONAGHYS Cordage:Donaghys Cordage

Our range includes DONAGHYS branded Cordage. These are products, Ideal for use as general purpose, safety, yacht, or high performance twines or braids.


•         Lead Core Rope 5mm 6mm 7mm:Lead Core Rope 5mm 6mm 7mm

One more valuable product in our range is the braided lead core twine, which is ideal for using in fishing nets. Experts recommend lead core for making the bottom of Flounder, Mullet and Snapper Nets.


•        Nylon Rope 6mm to 40mm :Nylon Rope 6mm to 40mm 

Nylon Ropes have a characteristic property of sinking in water owing to their high density manufacturing material. We stock these products in a wide range from 6mm in diameter to 40mm in diameter. Nylon cordage are ideal for use in multiple important operations including anchoring, mooring etc.


•        Polyester Ropes 6mm to 40mm:Polyester Ropes 6mm to 40mm

Polyester rope is an amazing general purpose product, with recommended use in safety, anchor wrap, climbing, long line droppers, docking etc.

Characteristic property of braided polyester twines is their low stretch property. The characteristic behavior make them ideal for general use.


•       Polypropylene Ropes:Polypropylene Ropes

The most cost-effective rope in whole industry is polypropylene twine. It is great for use as a general purpose rope. Its uses also include; Fishing, Boating, Aquaculture, Industrial and Home Applications. Multiple color option is available for you to choose from. Wide range of sizes we stock include cordage from 3mm diameter to 40mm in diameter.


•        Rope Splicing Accessories:Rope Splicing Accessories

Splicing products made up of stainless steel and synthetic alloy includes swivels, grabs and splicer etc. We offer these items in various different sizes to provide you with the desired item and best cater to your needs.


•         SK78 12 strand DYNEEMA Ropes:SK78 12 Strand Dyneema Ropes

DYNEEMA cordage are strong, most compact twines. DYNEEMA fiber is the strongest fiber in the world. This rope in our range, is ideal for dynamic applications.

We stock them in multiple sizes from; 4mm diameter to 36mm. 

With all these amazing products and more, we provide a one stop-shop for all your needs relating to fishing, boating gears and more. To benefit from our amazing deals on all these products browse through our web portal to place your orders now. We will ship your desired items to your address in three days.





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