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Novakool 12v Fridge Freezer 59 Litre

Product no.: NCR2300

12v Fridge/Freezer - 59 Litre Product Code: NCR2300 NOVAKOOL 59 Litre Fridge with separate freezer compartment

Was NZ$1,749.00
You save NZ$94.00
In stock can ship within 3 days

Novakool 12v Fridge Freezer - 54 Litre

Product no.: NCR1900

12v Fridge/Freezer - 54 Litre Product Code Nova Kool Refrigerators and Freezers are equipped variable speed

Was NZ$1,629.00
You save NZ$40.00
In stock can ship within 180 days

Novakool 12v 59L Freezer

Product no.: NCF2300

F2300 59L 12v Freezer Product Code: NCF2300 Nova Kool Refrigerators and Freezers are designed to run n while you are listed 30°

Was NZ$2,150.00
You save NZ$151.00
In stock can ship within 3 days

Novakool 193L Marine Fridge Freezer

Product no.: NCRFU6800-ASM

NOVA KOOL 193L Marine Fridge/Freezer Product Code: NCRFU6800 Nova Kool 12-24 Volt 193L Upright Marine Fridge/Freezer

Was NZ$3,429.00
You save NZ$39.00
In stock can ship within 3 days

Novakool 212l Fridge Freezer

Product no.: NCRFS7501

NOVA KOOL 212l Fridge/Freezer Product Code -  Featuring Magnetic Door Gaskets for Positive Seal

Was NZ$3,212.00
You save NZ$12.00
In stock can ship within 3 days

Novakool 70L Freezer Ice Box

Product no.: NCTL2500

NOVA KOOL 70L Freezer Ice Box Produc Code: NCTL2500 NOVAKOOL TL2500 is thermostatically controlled and can be set refrigerator or Freezer

Was NZ$2,100.00
You save NZ$109.01
In stock can ship within 3 days

Novakool 122 Litre Fridge Freezer

Product no.: NCR4500

Novakool 122 L Fridge freezer Product Code: NCR4500 Nova Kool Refrigerators and Freezers are designed to run even while you are listed 30 degree

Was NZ$1,899.00
In stock can ship within 3 days

Novakool 68L 12v/24v Fridge Freezer Boat-RV

Product no.: NCR2600

68 Litre Nova Kool Fridge/Freezers are designed to run even while you are listed 30 degrees off centre 12v/24v. Part Number NCR2600

Was NZ$1,889.00
You save NZ$200.00
In stock can ship within 5-10 days

RVB 602 - MyCoolman Portable Fridge 44L

Product no.: RVB602

RVB 602- MyCoolman Portable Fridge 44L- The Weekender - Accompaniment on Your Next Adventure

Was NZ$1,499.00
You save NZ$30.00
In stock can ship within 3-5 days

Novakool 12volt Fridge Freezer - 36 Litre

Product no.: NCR1600

12volt Fridge/Freezer - 36 Litre Product Code: NCR1600 Nova Kool Refrigerators and Freezers are equipped with a highly efficienct 

Was NZ$1,999.99
You save NZ$410.99
In stock can ship within 3 -5 days

MyCoolman 9.5 Ltr Thermometric Cooler/Warmer

Product no.: RVB595

MyCoolman 9.5 Ltr Thermometric Cooler/Warmer- A powerful 9.5L Thermoelectric cooler/warmer. RVB 595

Was NZ$198.90
You save NZ$43.90
In stock can ship within 3 - 5 business days

MyCoolman Portable Fridge 30L

Product no.: RVB597

MyCoolman Portable Fridge 30L - Compact and powerful, the myCOOLMAN 30 litre, the perfect accompaniment on your next adventure. RVB 597

Was NZ$1,290.90
You save NZ$32.90
In stock can ship within 3 - 5 business days

NovaKool is a world leader in low voltage 12 volt Fridges for Caravan, Marine, RV and Motorhomes.

NovaKool Benefits:

  • Can be installed in quiet areas, even staterooms
  • Multi-voltage options including 12 or 24v DC plus an auto switch to 230 VAC
  • Built-in Battery protection
  • Door panels can be changed for stainless panels or match your interior joinery
  • Long life with little maintenance
  • No special mounting required
  • Robust hinges and latches – No surprising openings, even in the most hostile conditions
  • Optional Chine hugger models (moves compressor up & out of the way to suit the shape of boat hull)
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Marine Fridges and Freezers NZ

Action outdoors stocks the widest range of top-quality, energy efficient fridges and freezers for you boats, yachts and motorhomes of all kinds.

Our range includes accessories and equipment for all your needs ranging from compressors and ice boxes to fridges and freezers of different capacities. 
The type of fridge or freezer you need for your boat will depend on a number of factors namely; boat type, size, power connection available, time length of your voyages and space available onboard. Action outdoors provides you with accessories to match your needs under all kinds of different answers to these variables.

Whether you are struggling to find more space or have plenty left, own a powerboat or a sail boat, have a high power connection or a very low one and you will find the right product at Action outdoors to match your exact needs.
Managing space on your boat often becomes the most challenging task, which is why Action outdoors offers you top-notch fridges and freezers in a huge variety of multiple capacity fridges and freezers ranging from freezers as small as 36L to fit in the little space you are left with, and going all the way up to 258L giants to store every fish you catch and all the beverages you want to be on your boat. 
Our complete range includes fridges and freezers of 36L, 54L, 59L, 68L, 70L, 100L, 122L, 193L, 212L, 251L and 258L. 

Action outdoors provides its customers with NovaKool fridges and freezers. We have selected Nova Kool because they share our values of not compromising on quality under any circumstances and making sure the buyer is getting the value of what he or she is paying for. We offer low voltage fridges and freezers in 12 and 24V ranges which are highly energy efficient.

Our fridges and freezers, here at Action outdoors, offer quiet and smooth sailing working, which is why you can place them anywhere you want and still enjoy your time around them without any noise and interference.
Action outdoors offers you fridges and freezers with custom door panels. These door panel can be changed and replaced with door panels to match your interior design and joinery. This feature helps you maintain the desired interior design and overall look on your boat, yacht or motor home.

In addition to freezers and fridges our range also includes freezer compartments and freezer Ice Boxes to meet all your needs. Action outdoors also offers low voltage compressors plate kits in the best prices all over NZ. 
Action outdoors provides you with fridges and freezers with Optional Chine hugger models which helps you in moving the compressor up and out of your way in order to suit the shape of you boat hull. In this way we make our products further suitable for addressing all kinds of challenges you might face due to less available space on your boat.

Action outdoors offers you tough products with robust hinges and latches enabling the fridges and freezers of working in the most extreme environments and preventing the door from opening accidently. Magnetic rubber seals helps keeping moisture out and eventually keep door firmly closed.

With all these characteristics our fridges and freezers and other refrigeration accessories stand out in the market. In addition to the variety you can see, we also do not compromise on quality and offer the best quality to price ratio guaranteed. 
You can pick and choose from our wide range of refrigeration accessories online or instore. Place your orders now, before we run out of them, to get them shipped to your address in 3 days.


Marine Fridge Freezers