Fishing Nets

Fishing Nets

Explore our Fishing Store for high-quality, custom-made fishing nets from New Zealand.

As industry experts, we specialize in creating gill, tangle, set, drag, and floating nets and importing cast nets for NZ, AU & Pacific Islands markets.

We provide top-selling nets for popular fish species like Mullet, Piper, Flounder, Bait, and Snapper, along with materials and mesh sizes that comply with MPI regulations.

Our in-stock standard mesh sizes range from 10m to 60m, suitable for different fish species, usage, and local rules. Before selecting your net, familiarize yourself with MPI rules and net information to ensure you follow the guidelines.



* [NZ Fishing Rules by MPI](link)

* [Suggested Set Net Code of Practice](link)

With years of experience in both commercial and recreational fishing, our team guarantees the best quality nets in New Zealand. Each net is custom-made at our Auckland factory by experts with over 50 years of experience in net design and manufacturing. Our owner has personally operated NZ's largest gill-net boat and knows various fishing methods like long-lining, set, drag, ring, purse, and trawl nets.

Our locally-made fishing nets offer a higher catch rate than imported or mass-produced alternatives, thanks to a 30% increase in mesh, floats, and lead ropes. Settle for nothing less than quality NZ-made nets that help you catch more fish. Visit our website for more information, and purchase your custom-made fishing net today.

* [How to Set a Snapper/Mullet/Kahawai Set Net - PDF Download](link)


Why buy imported nets when you can buy quality NZ-made nets & catch more fish?
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