Fishing Nets

Fishing Nets

Fishing Store NZ Made Custom Fishing Net Range.

We are New Zealand's leading custom-made fishing net manufacturers

We Manufacture the following types of fishing nets  = Gill, Tangle, Set, Drag, or Floating nets as well as import Cast Nets for NZ, AU & Pacific island Market.

Best Selling Nets For the Following Fish

Target Species  Mullet, PiperFlounderBait, Snapper, well as materials to make your own nets with a mesh size to suit MPI Rules 

  • Standard mesh sizes are made in 10m,15m, 20m, 25m, 30m, 35m, 40m, 50m, and 60m in stock depending on fish species, use, & local regulations.
  • Before Choosing your Net Check out MPI rules & Information on Nets as most people seem to have a poor understanding of current MPI rules.

 Link For NZ Fishing Rules MPI

 Link for Suggested Set net code of Practice

  • Our many years of experience in Commercial and Recreational fishing with all types of nets have gone into ensuring that these are the best quality nets in New Zealand.

  • All our nets are custom-made at our Factory shop in Auckland, NZ by our team that has over 50 years of experience.

  • Flounder, Mullet, Piper/ Bait Fish Snapper. We make nets suitable for use all over NZ and the Pacific Islands.

We have a wealth of experience in commercial & recreational fishing including net design, tackle store management and commercial long-lining.  

Our business owner has commercially fished with long lines, set, drag, ring, purse & trawl nets. He has owned and operated NZ’s largest gill-net boat for many years.  

Our nets have the highest slinging—hanging ratio compared to any other imported or mass-produced nets providing the capability of catching 30% more, fish.


Why buy imported nets when you can buy quality NZ-made nets & catch more, fish?
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