Cast Net American Style

Cast Net American Style

American Style Cast Nets with drawstrings for catching your own live bait 5ft 6ft 8ft 10ft 12ft


 Comes In

 6ft  8ft 10ft   Radius in 25mm Mesh Size 


Basic Cast Net Structure 

  • Swivel:  two metal loops or rings attached together, that turn at both ends. 
  • Handline:  a rope which is attached to the swivel on one end, with the other end attached to the caster's wrist. 
  • Horn:  a ring with an indentation around the centre, where the top of the net is tied. 
  • Lead Line:  a rope with sinkers attached. This rope is at the outside perimeter of the net to sink it. 
  •  Brail Lines:  lines attached to the swivel at one end and to the leadline at the other. Their function is to pucker the net, thus trapping the catch. 
  •  Netting:  made from nylon multifilament or monofilament to form the desired mesh. 
Click Here for the regulations from Ministry of Fisheries regarding Cast Nets

Please see below showing the radius of the cast net.  This is the measurement used when selecting cast net size.
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