Flounder Nets

Flounder Nets

Flounder Fishing Nets Drag or Set Nets

* Made to meet the latest NZ MPI Rules

Flounder: Fish

Flounder Fish are a shallow-water fish found at depths of up to 50 metres. In New Zealand, they are most abundant in harbours, estuaries, and muddy bays, particularly in the north, being most prolific inshore over the summer months.

Their attributes physically include a dark olive green body above with yellow or white on the belly & dark spots. The body is oval. Yellowbelly flounder are plumper than Sand flounder, & have smaller eyes and larger, dark-edged scales.

Flounder Nets:

  • Sizes range from 20m, 30m, 40m & 60m length.
  • Contact us for the manufacture of longer commercial nets
  • Mesh Sizes range from 4-3/4" inch-(118mm ) to 6.5 inches (165mm)
  • Nine (9) Mesh Deep nets for South Island Regulation Nets If needed
  • All made with a Braided Lead Core Bottom Rope  with Floating Top Rope.
  • Or with Floats on Top Rope.
  • All set nets are Bagged -Tied down- Pockets put in.
  • Drags nets have extra floats and heavier lead core rope on Bottom​.


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