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Online Fishing Tackle Store

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Online Fishing Tackle Store

You can rest your hunt for the best online tackle store here, as Action outdoors provides you with a one-stop-shop for all your fishing tackle needs.

Our fishing tackle range is extensive and stocks pretty much everything you can ask for. Whether you are looking for hooks, tackle boxes, spears, baits, fishing bins, tools, nets, floats, gaffs, traps, waders, lines, sinkers, reels, outriggers or any other fishing tackle accessories we have got your back.

We take great pride in being a one-stop-shop for all your needs pertaining to fishing gear. You can simply browse through our web portal. By doing so you can access all the top-notch products we stock in our diverse fishing tackles range.

We supply a huge variety of accessories we offer to complete your fishing gear. Our stocks will be sufficient for all your needs regardless of the waters you operate in or the boats you own.

Whether you need to buy equipment for your boat, kayak or surf Action outdoors stocks all of it for you in our wide range of Fishing tackle.

The utility of the fishing tackle accessories we stock remains high and efficient in all the different kinds of waters or sea conditions you may come across.

Fishing tackle is a diverse set of accessories. It includes all kinds of equipment you can ask for to complete your fishing gear.

We stock some amazing products in our range; our braid fishing line, which is available in the 10 to 80lb range, It is very useful for soft baiting, deep drop groper fishing, jigging as well as in trolling.

We guarantee the best quality-to-price ratio for our customers anywhere in NZ, Action outdoors is a one-stop-shop for all your needs. Check out our best deals on Fishing tackle now. You can order your favourite items before we run out of them. We will ship them to your doorsteps in 3 days.

All of our product types in our exclusive fishing tackle range are enlisted in detail below.



Whether you want butcher knives, commercial diving knives, hunting and outdoor knives, sharpeners, fish processing knives, chef’s kitchen knives or any other type our great range of knives with a huge variety of products for each one of these purposes.

The knives we store for all these aforementioned purposes come from renowned brands that do not compromise on quality. Despite the unmatched equality our products are priced at the lowest possible rates and guarantee the best quality to price ratio anywhere in the market.

These knives from these well-known brands are made up of high strength materials. Trusted manufacturers have designed these knives as per the specified job they are required to perform.


Lures, Jigs & Sabiki Rigs:

Our range of lures, jigs, Sabiki rigs include products for both Saltwater and Freshwater. The extensive range includes everything you have been looking for, ranging from Fishing Jigs & Lures to Zeets stick baits & Poppers, Pakula game rigs & Hooks, Glow bite Snapper rigs, Marlin Tuna Lure etc. Owing to the huge importance Lures, Jigs and Sabiki Rigs carry, all kinds of fishermen use some sort of rigs, jigs and lures to trap the best amount of fish. Our rigs offer a combination of hook, bait, leader, sinker, line, beads & whatever else you may ask for.

Our jigs offer a very natural look beneath the water. These jigs help catch more prey by maintaining a natural look. Our jigs, lures are tested performers in the NZ waters. You can get your desired products from our wide range of lures, jigs and rigs by placing your orders now.


Bait, Burly & Ice:

The exclusive range includes Salt Ice, Bait and Burley. We offer a great variety in the Baits we stock. Some of which are; Bonito, Mullet, Piper & Squid, Pilchard, Jack Mackerel amongst others.


Dyneema Braid Line:

The high knot strength and lack of stretch of our Dyneema braid line make it a vital part of your gear and compliant to any type of reel. We stock it in the 10 to 80lb range. It is very useful for soft baiting and deep drop groper fishing.

Crimps, Beads, Lumo Tubing:

We host a wide range of crimps, sleeves and beads. These accessories are vital while making traces, dropper rigs, lures and sabiki rigs, all of which are extremely important accessories to complete your fishing gear.

Game & Boat Gaffs:

We offer you a number of different game and boat gaffs which are very handy in getting the prey on your vessel. These gaffs basically equip you with a separate limb to work your way toward a successful fishing adventure.

Fishing Rods and Reels

Action outdoors provides you with the best quality rods in all of NZ at unbeatable great prices.  Our rods are most suited to any kind of purpose you want them for ranging from trolling, surfing, boating etc. With Overhead reels and spinning reels 

Kilwell Game Outriggers:

An important accessory to complete your gear is an outrigger. We supply Kilwell branded outriggers & Poles, these poles are available in different sizes; 3.6m to 7.5m poles. More such accessories include; bases, rollers, cleats, clips, pulleys and more.

Clips & Swivels:

Clips and swivels in our range are made up of high-quality Brass alloy and Nickle materials, these products are available at our stores in a number of different sizes. We offer clips and swivels for multiple purposes ranging from Barrel, Coast lock, Interlock. Game, Bran and 3-way use.


Hooks are an extremely important component of your gear. We offer the best quality hooks, great variety & the lowest prices to help you complete your gear.

Bins Ice Bins & Bags:

Tackle equipment range also includes bins and bags from different brands and product types. Our variety is extensive and provides you with a product for every occasion ranging from Tackle bags to Insulated Bags, Reel bags, lure bags and dry bags for any kind of vessel you own.

Helpful Tools:

To help you solve your problems like a pro we equip you with the finest tools. These tools include lights, filleting gloves and landing nets. They are proven performers and do not let you down in tough conditions.

Landing Nets:

Action outdoors offers you landing nets in a great variety. These nets are very handy in retrieving your prey from the water. The landing nets are also important in reducing the risk of fish throwing the hook quickly.


Long Lines Boat & Beach:

Making longlines is vital to your success under certain circumstances. Our longline range includes components that are important in making and repairing Longlines including hooks, clips, racks, beads, droppers etc.



Nylon Fishing Lines:

For reels and traces, you are going to need our best quality nylon lines. These lines offer variety with their varying diameters and sink rates.

Cray & Crab pots Traps:

Cray and crab pots; pull pots and Eel-Fyke nets are very handy products in our traps range. These products are most suitable for recreational use under varying sea conditions in New Zealand.

Product Videos:

Gathering information pertaining to different products, accessories, conditions and techniques is very handy. Our product videos include great information about your favourite products and help you make the best call while selecting the best thing as per your needs.

Smokers and Sawdust:

Another vital component of your kitbag to make your time worth all the hypes are the smokers and sawdust. Our wide range includes; meat smokers, barbecue accessories, wood chips etc.  Our products are equally complacent with both; using at home or at the beach.

Stainless Steel Wire:

We stock stainless steel trace wire in a number of different weight categories ranging from; 40Lb to 600lb. The variety available for the breaking strain includes 110 to 200m long crimps and reels. These products come in great variety to match your needs in the best way possible.

Tackle Storage Boxes:

We have store-branded storage boxes to complete your tackle equipment accessories, the top brands are Precision Pak, Kilwell and Sure Catch. We store tackle and hand caster in a wide variety for you to choose from.

Check out our best deals on Fishing tackle now. You can order your favourite items before we run out of them. We will ship them to your doorsteps in 3 days.

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