Bait and Ice

Bait and Ice

Salt Ice,  Bait  and Berley now in our store.

Pick up only.  Baits include Bonito, Flying Fish, Jack Mackerel, Mullet, Pilchard, Piper & Squid.


Salt ice, made from a combination of freshwater and refined salt, freezes below 0 degrees celsius. Because it is colder than normal ice, salt ice enables you to chill your products faster and longer, even in the heat of the day.  Salt ice is also the best type of ice for quickly bringing fish to their optimum preservation temperature (0 degrees). To be truly first-rate, fish must be kept at 0 degrees from the point they are caught until they are sold at the market/grocery   store. This is why professional fishermen always choose salt ice.


Berley (ground-baiting) Basics to Catch More Fish

When fishing with bait, setting up a berley trail should be the first job once you have settled on your fishing spot.  A good berley (ground-bait or chum) trail is so close to being essential to catching fish when bait-fishing that to try and do so without one is mostly wasting fishing time.  The aim of a berley trail is to draw fish from the surrounding area to as close to your bait as possible. There is a key to successful fishing here; a good berley trail should concentrate fish around your bait.

There are two main types of berley trail.  A surface trail and a bottom trail.

Surface Method

Usually achieved by hanging a berley pot over the back of the boat and pounding some bait-fish through small holes in the side of the berley pot. The best fish to use in the berley pot is the bait you are using, but another major factor is to attract small bait-fish into the trail. Little fish get eaten by bigger fish, who get eaten by bigger fish, who...

Bottom Trail

A bottom berley trail is achieved by lowering a weighted berley-dispensing device to the bottom, lifting it up one or two metres, and letting the berley dispense at the level many of our target species feed.  Lowering a berley pot to the very bottom, even when there is a strong surface current is not productive.

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