Kilwell Game Outriggers

Kilwell Game Outriggers

Kilwell Outriggers have an enviable reputation amongst the New Zealand Game Fishing Fraternity.


Kilwell Outriggers:

Outriggers increase your probability of catching fish by a lot & owing to the great benefits they reap, Action outdoors stocks the best quality outriggers in its range.
Action outdoors stocks Kilwell outriggers from Kilwell NZ; who are the leading providers of these products all over NZ.

The safety of your sport or game boat is extremely important which is why outriggers are must-have item for you to stay safe in waters. Although the rocky, shallow waters stock a lot of fish but fishing in these areas can be dangerous for your boat & by extension for you as well. 
This is where our outriggers come in handy by ensuring safety to your boat by letting you keep it in the deep, safe waters whilst helping you catch all those shallow water fish by positioning the lures right in the shallow, rocky waters where all the fish lie.

What outriggers actually do is improving your chances of capturing fish by allowing the angler to cover more waters & permitting the use of multiple lines. The use of multiple lines with your boat, you can get the angler to set these lines at a number of orientations & depths, by doing so outriggers help you create a number of patterns which will significantly elevate your chances of striking more fish.
With multiple lines the chances of catching fish are enhanced but the peril of tangling of these lines still loom over your heads. In order to deal with this worry, our outriggers are equipped to hold the lines at a certain distance from both the sides of your boat. This process of spreading the lines wide apart helps in preventing the risk of tangling of fishing lines.

Action outdoors brings to you sport/game outriggers manufactured by Kilwell, who are the leading brand in the whole of NZ. Our products are manufactured to exactly meet your needs are thus their performance always surpasses the expectations of the customers.
Action outdoors provides light weight composite designed outriggers which are specifically designed &constructed to stay lightweight while still providing added strength and control to the lure. Our products come with certain advantages which hands a competitive edge to our users, such as; the long reach of our outriggers help the sport/game fishermen put up an enchanting performance.

Action outdoors provides you with a number of different sizes to exactly match your requirements.

We offer as small as 3.6m poles for smaller boats & our range goes to as high as 7.5m poles for the larger ones. In addition to poles; bases, clips, rollers, cleats & pulleys are also available in a number of different sizes to match your needs.

Action outdoors offers a wide range of Kilwell outriggers, including the following products;

Rigged Heavy Outriggers with Base
Outrigger Blank Heavy
Outrigger Tip Fitting Regular
Shotgun Rigger - Single
Long reach Outriggers Poles
Roller Troller outrigger clip
•Blank Outriggers
Fully Rigged Outriggers with Base
Fully Rigged Outriggers without Base
•Fully Rigged Outriggers with Bent Base
•Kilwell Stiff riggers- Bent Base
Kilwell Stiff riggers- Bolt on Base
•Fittings for Outriggers
Release clips for Outriggers
Gold finger downrigger release clip

Despite offering such extensive variety Of top-notch quality our prices are the best in all of NZ. Benefit from our best deals now before they end.

In order to benefit from our deals on all these top-quality and economical products, order online or visit us in-store.

We will ship your desired product to you within three days.

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