Game Fishing Swivels

Game Fishing Swivels

Game Swivels

Swivels are a very useful item for a fisherman to have in your tackle box.

They are a small device with a ring at each end and a pivoting joint in the middle.

Swivels serve two functions,

They reduce the opportunity for your line to twist or to provide a link between two pieces of line.

When using swivels in Game Fishing they are particularly useful as when lines are dropped into the depths they often move and twist with the water movement or are pulled around by the fish, swivels can help prevent the line getting all twisted as they allow for this movement.

They are also used to join your mainline to your leader, particularly if you are not sure how good your knotting skills are or to provide a link for additional lengths of line to be connected.

We stock a wide range of swivels to meet all your needs, black ball bearing, nickel and steel and a variety of sizes to match your line.

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