Diving Fins and Footwear

Diving Fins and Footwear

Diving Fins and Footwear 

Check out our range of  Diving Fins and Footwear to suit your needs.



Sea Harvester

Open heel fins are designed for use with dive booties, so the foot pockets are larger than those of closed heel scuba fins.

The foot pocket is made of a harder material, so wearing these scuba fins without dive booties is uncomfortable.

Diving Fins and Footwear:

Fins and Footwear provide a great source of foot movement inside water which is key towards swimming and surviving underwater. This range of ours offers a wide variety of these products. We stock these items in various size units to match your foot number. 
This line also features; Modular diving fins, foot pockets, open heels, diving socks, etc. All these accessories are made available in our range in a variety of sizes and designs to make sure you find your desired item. We stock these products from top brands in this field. Top-quality brands which we stock include; Cressi and Sea Harvester which provides utility items in all sizes to facilitate our customers. 
We also feature open heels in our stocks, these are ideal to use with boots. They carry larger than normal closed heel scuba foot pockets, which allow them to use open heels.
We stress the importance of wearing ideal footwear while undertaking adventures inside waters. These fins, attached to your feet, become the sole reason for your movement inside water.
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