Saltwater Fishing Hooks

Saltwater Fishing Hooks

Saltwater Hooks

Wide Range Of Saltwater hooks for all fishing methods from Piper to Marlin.

Tiny to Large  Small 20 to 16-0 large

Hooks constitute a vital part of your fishing gear. Without having top quality and purpose specific hooks your adventures at the sea would be vulnerable to failure. Action outdoors stocks an exclusive range of these accessories from world renowned brands in detailed variety to ensure the availability of products which exactly match your demands.

This super saltwater range features products for every kind of purpose. It has accessories to catch all kinds of fish species in NZ waters. Whether you look to catch small or large sized prey these stainless steel, tinned or galvanized items have an answer for everything.

Designs of our products ensure strong hold of your prey. Sharp point of these items has the ability to penetrate the toughest species’ mouths. Barb part make sure you don’t lose your fish. It prevents from unhooking of captured prey. Eyes of these items are designed and welded for making sure that great connection is made with line or lure.

Our stocks feature these items from tiny to big sized options. Variety in their design, size, manufacturing material etc. gives our customers a spectrum of items to choose the ideal one to suit their purpose. These hooks are capable of completing any fishing method and catching any fish species.

Following are enlisted in detail the product types we stock in this range;

  • Beak Hooks:

We provide our customers with a great variety of J or Beak hooks in this range of ours. This line also includes Trokar hooks, which are ideal to use when casting soft baits. Beaks offer a great prospect of catching big sized prey. It is ideal for catching snappers. We stock these awesome items in a wide range of colors and size dimensions i.e. 1/0 to 12/0 to suit your needs

  • Circle Hooks:

We stock these amazing articles with an extensive variety. These items specialize in having wider gaps and welded eye. Its design allows it to perform exceedingly well and catch tough prey. Our range offers these products in various size dimensions up to 12/0 to cater to your needs. These are available in both Galvanized and Stainless steel materials.

  • Game Hooks:

You need to have high quality accessories for game fishing. Articles in this line are ideal for application in game fishing. We stock these tough and high performing articles in a wide range of sizes from 70 to 14/0. We ship these much desired items all the way from South Korea in a myriad of designs and sizes to make sure you have ideal product for every need of yours.

  • HAPUKA Hooks & Rigs:

This product line of ours include items which are essential to your success at catching your prey. Groper rigs we stock, increase your chances of catching fish by many times. Hapuka product line includes dropper heavy-duty rigs with 10 hooks. This combination is a must-have part of your fishing gear. We also provide our customers with an option of Hapuka rigs for fishing rods with 2 hooks.

  • Kirby Sea Hooks:

Kirby Sea Hooks in this range are made available in multiple packing and sizes for suiting your demands. These type of articles are preferred for reef an island fishing in particular. Products in this range have ringed eyes. We stock these items as bulk accounting for 100 pieces. Kirby Sea is ideal for use in catching fish which have sharp teeth. These items are made available in many small or large size options.

  • Live Bait Hooks:

Live Baits are among the most desired product types. They are known for their design which features heavy wire and a welded eye. Such design specifications make Live Bait articles, ideal for your fishing operations catching king fish and tuna. We stock Trokar branded items with various sizes and designs on this range including; 6/0, 7/0 and 8/0 sizes.

  • Long Line Hooks:

This line include valuable accessories from two renowned brands; Beko Puffin and Mustad. Beko Puffin offers tinned long line hooks in various sizes. These are great to use for commercial purposes. Mustad brand offers stainless steel long line products with variable sizes ranging from 16 to 18. These are made from tough commercial grade material. Wide variety ensures that our customers find a product for their every query.

  • Mutsu Hooks:

This type in our stocks provide you with a very strong hold, which doesn’t allow your prey to leave. It is easy for use, which makes it ideal for beginners and people interested in self-fishing in general. We serve them in a variety of size options ranging from small to large ones. Whether you own a charter or commercial purpose boat this is the thing for you for ensuring successful expeditions. These are available in 13 to 32 size options.

  • Trokar USA Fishing Hooks:

Trokar branded articles are often regarded as the sharpest in the world. They have the ability which help them penetrate any specie’s mouth. We stock an extensive range of accessories from the brand itself. Our variety includes Eagle Claw USA offers great styles in this product line these options enable you to select ideal item and eventually succeed at your adventures on waters. With high strength wire and wielded eye these items offer must-have products to complete your fishing gear.

  • Tuna Circle Hooks:

We supply wide variety of Tuna circle as both; stainless steel and tinned. These are great long line products. Stainless steel long line products are stocked with a myriad of sizes including; 10/0, 11/0, 12/0, 13/0, 14/0, 15/0, 16/0, 17/0. These are great for use with Hapuka droppers. We ensure this detailed specific variety for ensuring that you have an exclusive list, which you can choose from for any need.

We offer amazing deals on these products which you can avail by placing your orders now at Action outdoors.



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