Fishing Reel Range

Fishing Reel Range

We have a large range of  Reels in Stock.  Including Kilwell, Tica, Okuma and Alvey.

Our range of reels are suitable for all fishing requirements ranging from Game, Trolling, Boat, Surf, Freshwater.

See below for information which should help you choose the type of reel is suitable to your needs.

Buy Online Fishing Reels:

We offer a wide range and extensive variety of all kinds of fishing reels in this range of ours. We stock these amazing reels from many world renowned brands including; Tica, Kilwell, Okuma, Alvey etc.

These reels we stock offer variety in their sizes, designs and applications. These varieties from our range combine to give purpose-specific reels which are suitable for certain applications.

This diverse range has items, which are highly suitable for all these different fishing applications. Some of these applications include; trolling, surf, boat and game fishing.

These product types offer variety in designs with single and 2 speed options, which translate to power and speed of the item. Variety in design, specifications also includes free, fixed spools and different kinds of casting operations.

All different applications and purpose specifications demand separate product types. With this diverse and extensive range we have made sure that we have a product for every purpose specific application you may need it for.

Selection of the ideal reel for every other application is vital to your success in the adventure. Which is why we are recommended to select the ideal product for you need from a myriad of products we stock.

Whether you want to capture a Pan fish in a pond or a big game fish in the sea you are going to need an ideal reel for the condition to make it possible, with our collection you have all kinds of it at the same place. 

Whether you are starting your journey off as a beginner or even if you’re a professional seasoned fisherman, this range reserves ideal equipment for everyone, every purpose and condition.

You can benefit from amazing deals we offer on all these reels and more, by placing your orders now. Below are enlisted all these product types which we feature in this range of ours.


  • Alvey Boat -Surf Casting Reels:

We stock these reels in this range with a great variety. These items are suitable for use in trolling, surf, kayak, rock and boat casting operations. These branded accessories are tested performers in NZ waters. They come with star, lever drags. Our range also offers left-hand models in these articles. These high quality accessories are shipped all the way from Australia. These are made available in various sizes, designs or purpose specifications to make sure you have an item for every demand of yours.

  • Boat Snapper Reels:

Our range includes boat snappers which are multiplier reels. Accessories in this line unlike, fixed spool ones, offer greater casting distances and powers, which is a feature of multiplier series. These are great to use for all kinds of species ranging from bait to game or even king fish. This range also offers left-handed models to help you choose the ideal item. These are great when using light to heavy kinds of rods or braids. These slight variations provide you with purpose specific items for different tasks.

  • Bait feeder Reels:

Bait feeder product type also features in our extensive range. We stock wide variety of items in this line. These are suitable for use in Stray lining and soft bait fishing. Accessories in this range possess 5 rust resistant ball bearings along with 1 roller bearing. The maximum drag value vary between 5.5 kg to 7.5 kg for this type. We stock items from renowned brands in this type. These world renowned brands we stock these items from include; Okuma, Kilwell and Tica among others.

  • Bait caster Reels:

Bait casters are valuable type in our range. These accessories are ideal for catching snapper due to the precise accuracy they offer in operation. They provide this accuracy by extracting great accuracy from jigs and spinner baits or other lures. The bait casters will enable you to launch your lures much further than before. This happens as line moves straight and not in spinning circular motion off the spool. We also offer variety in these accessories in their sizes, designs and applications to make sure we have an item for every purpose.

  • Kilwell Beach Reels:

Kilwell branded beach reels are amazing accessories in this range. These products are very useful in long casting. Items in this type specialize in surf casting, wharf and beach fishing operations. These items offer a fixed spool. Owing to fixed spool it offers a smooth easy to use operation with little maintenance required. This type features many important items from world renowned brands. Some brands we stock in this product type include; Tica, Kilwell and Alvey among others.

  • Kilwell Game Reels:

Game reels range of ours include products, which are specifically designed to perform well in game fishing. Other operations in these accessories are suitable for include; deep water fishing, jigging and trolling operations. This exclusive range of ours stocks this type from renowned brands. Articles in this range possess the ability to be run at single and 2 speed options. These design varieties enable customers to select ideal product for their needs.

  • Kilwell Jigging Reels:

Jigging reels from Kilwell brand in this range are of top quality. These products have high drag values. These are tailor made for jigging operations in NZ waters. Tica and Penn are the other brands which provide their items under this line of ours. These articles include spin or drag product types which is great for jigging operations. This range also includes high quality Talisman spin reel. We offer these accessories in various designs and colors to provide you with choice.

  • Kilwell Freshwater Reels:

Our diverse range also stocks freshwater items in this product type. Freshwater items are available in our stocks which serve different purposes including; bait casting, jigging, fly, spinning, harling etc. These accessories are made available in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements. The list of renowned brands from which we stock these quality products include; SA systems, Orvis, Tica, and Genesis etc. We offer variety in size, design and manufacturing material of these items.

  • Kilwell Range Fixed Spool Reels:

This range features fixed spool reels with extensive variety, including all kinds of accessories namely; spin, surf, wind, bait cast etc. Fixed spool ones are easy to maintain. They are also easy to operate. These articles are specifically built to make sure all your needs are fulfilled without going beyond your tight budget. In fixed spool, normally reel is mounted below rod. This allows you to perform complete casting operation with one hand only. This line also features quality types like Caiman and Pisces in diverse variety.

  • Kilwell Range Free Spool Reels:

Our range features free spool from renowned brands with level wind. These products are suitable for performing various operations including; bait casting, bait feeding, surf casting, long casting and spinning operations. This product type features some great items in cybernetic, Gallant, luster, Rage and Samira type. These accessories and capable of catching all species of fish ranging from snapper to trout and king fish. These are also suitable for salt, fresh water operations.

  • Okuma Big Game Reels:

Okuma brand is known for its innovation in design and technology of its products. We stock we variety of big game fishing reels in this range. Articles in this line are specifically manufactured, designed to be capable of performing both; inshore and offshore fishing operations. This product type is equipped with the latest technology components and designs. This product type features some amazing products from Okuma brand including; Makraira, Metalloid, and Andros types. These lever drag items are available in single and 2 speed options in this range.

  • Okuma Star Drag Reels:

This product type in our range features Cortez series of Okuma brand. This product type include items for everybody; from beginners to seasoned professionals. Cortez offers a great experience of light tackle to all the anglers. The Okuma brand in our range contributes some amazing product types including Cortez Series and many others. Cortez series offers an innovation in design and specifications by Okuma like they always offer. Cortez offers great overhead experience of high-speed fishing operation.Overhead High Speed Fishing Reel.

  • Okuma Spinning Reels:

Okuma brand’s spinning reels are technologically advanced and numerous. This product type in our range features spinning reels from various product types including; Azores, Ceymar, Helios, Trio-High speed etc. This line offers an extensive variety in sizes, designs and purpose specification or application of these products. Okuma’s technological advancement coupled with variety offers great spinning experience to anglers of all levels. This product type has an item for all; from a pan fish in pond to the big game in sea.

  • Tica Boat, Game Reels:

This range finally includes, a great variety of TiCA branded accessories. Tica brand prides itself on innovations, which makes products in this range super competitive and innovative.These items relate to all kinds of different fishing operations. This product type features different types of products including; bait caster, bait feeders, and surf items. We stock Tica branded items with a warranty of 10 years on all products. We stock technologically advanced Surf, game and jigging reels in this product type with an extensive variety in design, size and operations.

You can benefit from amazing deals we offer on all these products and more, by placing your orders now.


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