Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods

We stock an extensive range of rods, reels, & combos for all types of fishing applications from Saltwater to Freshwater.


So whether you enjoy game fishing, jigging, trolling, spinning, surf casting or boat fishing we have the rod and reel to suit you. 

We have great ranges from Accurate Alvey, Daiwa, KilwellOkuma, Penn, Shimano,Tica,  whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fisherman we have the rod & reel to meet your fishing needs.

Fishing Rods:

Fishing rods are a compulsory part of your fishing gear. Choosing the right fishing rods goes a long way in making sure you find success in your fishing adventures.
Action outdoors stocks a wide range and variety of fishing rods from world renowned brands to provide you with a product for every need of yours. Our extensive range of fishing tackle accessories exclusively stocks rods, reels and their combinations in huge variety. 
Whether you are planning to embark on an adventurous salt water endeavor or fresh water adventure we stock rods for all kinds of activities or purposes. 
 It is recommended to choose ideal accessories for respective purposes. Our range caters to all your needs, regardless of the purpose you need them for. We provide you with articles for game-fishing, trolling, jigging, spinning, or surf casting. To ensure availability of ideal articles for all these activities we provide variety in sizes designs and other parameters.
Action outdoors includes items for all kinds of fishermen ranging from beginners to professional seasoned fishermen. These accessories we stock, are manufactured by top-notch brands including; Accurate Alvey, Daiwa, Okuma, Penn, TiCA, Shimano and Kilwell brands. 
Fishing Rod Accessories:
Our range includes various rod accessories, which are available in a great variety. Our Gimbal-Belts will provide you with mechanical advantage if used while lifting heavy loads. Gloves in this product line of ours, are the best in the world. These are especially made to help fishermen cope with the rigors of salt-water operations. 
We also provide our customers with rod parts; guides, blanks, butts etc. in our product line. Rod storage for different kinds of Boats and RVs are also part of our accessories. Our rod holders are made up of alloy and stainless steel materials. These holders vary from one to six rods holding capacity to suit your needs. 
Kilwell Rod Range:
Kilwell brand is known for their second-to-none quality and exceptional working. These products in our product line are best suited to your saltwater fishing needs. The variety we stock in this range is enormous. You will find an article for every need of yours ranging from normal use to guided articles for dealing with tough species in hostile conditions.
They are ideal for all kinds of different purposes in NZ waters. Products in this line are easy on the pocket and with great variety they make sure you get a product strictly meeting all your specifications.
Whether you were looking for spinning, boat, surf or game you will get all of these at one place in our Kilwell range. Our extensive range also covers accessories for all your different kinds of kayaks.
Okuma Rod Range:
Our stocks include Okuma branded products for all types of requirements you can ask for. Whether you want to surf or embark on boat and game fishing, our product line has an item for every need of yours.
Our stocks include one, two and three pieces rock fishing rods, ranging from 10 to 15 feet in length. We also stock 15 to 60 KG game fishing Okuma which covers everything from king fish to giant marlin. Action outdoors provides you with combinations which are made to meet all your needs.
We have an item for you whether you are just starting your journey in surf casting or even if you a seasoned fisher man. Okuma product line also offers you equipment for all jigging, trolling and spinning needs of yours.
Rod Reel Combo’s:
Rod Reel combinations come in very handy. Choosing the ideal combination is vital to your success in your adventure. We stock wide variety of these combinations. 
These combinations we stock come from world renowned; Kilwell, TiCA, and Okuma brands. These combinations make sure you are equipped with the right equipment for every kind of species you may want to catch. 
Our combinations cater to all your needs whether you are a beginner, who is into surf casting, boat-fishing etc. or an expert seasoned fisherman into game-fishing etc. Our product line has a product for every kind of fisherman. 
These combinations of ours, also address all your issues related to both; saltwater and fresh water applications.
You can benefit from all these amazing products in our range by placing your orders now. We will ship you favorite accessories to your doorsteps in 3 days.
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