Octopus and Needlefish Lures

Octopus and Needlefish Lures

Needlefish Lures and Octopus Lures.

These lures are perfect for making your own snapper, tuna and hapuka rigs.

Needlefish Lures are available in three different colour combinations.  All needlefish colours are available in packets of 10pcs.  The colours are: 

  • Blue-white

  • Pink-White

  • Green-Yellow


Octopus Lures are available in seven different colour combinations of 4.5 inches length.  

Note the Orange-Yellow and Yellow-White have 10pcs per packet.  The colours are:

  • Lumo                -  Available in packets of 5pcs

  • Blue-White        -  Available in packets of 5pcs

  • Pink-Purple      -  Available in packets of 5pcs

  • Red-White         -  Available in packets of 5pcs

  • Orange-Yellow -  Available in packets of 10pcs

  • Yellow-White    -  Available in packets of 10pcs

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