Silstar Soft Jig-Em Rigs

Silstar Soft Jig-Em Rigs

Silstar Jig-Em's 13cm Long natural looking soft jigs are available in an array of effective colours, sizes and styles.


Each 13cm long jig pack includes a 3 jig rig pack. The rig is designed to match the natural movement of squid and are effective in bringing in all species of predatory fish, eg.  Kahawai, Snapper and Kingfish.  Ideal for the use in surfcasting and jigging.

Jig EM Rigs Squid are fantastic for enticing a large variety of fish species.  They can be cast out and retrieved with a multitude of actions, or they can be jigged up and down in shallow or deep water.

Colours Available:

  • Pink / Blue
  • Blue / Orange
  • Yellow / Orange
  • Lumo
  • Natural Blue
  • Natural Brown
Classic view