Butcher and Fishing Knives

Butcher and Fishing Knives

 Wholesale Knives For Hunting, Butcher, Fish Filleting, Kitchen, Commercial, Home Kill, Farm

Our range of knives Available are in Stainless Steel - Carbon Steel Handles are HPPE or Wood

  • Butchers Knives sold in boxes of 6 pcs
  • Hunting Knives
  • Produce Knives sold in box of 6 pcs
  • Fish Knives sold in box of 6 pcs
  • ShellFish Knives box of 6 or 12 pcs
  • Diving Knives 6 pcs
  • Chef Knives 6 pcs
  • Sheaths 6 pcs or 1pcs with knife order
  • Accessories with knife order only  or email for min purchase amount $  [email protected]

​Single Knives can be purchased instore when we reopen 

The Best Knives Buy Online Now

Knives form a vital part of your fishing gear and perfect articles for different kinds of outdoor operations is necessary to complete successful adventures. 
Action outdoors stocks a huge amount of knives in its range suitable for different operations, applications etc. We also offer extensive variety in these products’ sizes, designs, colours and purposes.
Our range includes products from renowned brands. Victory NZ branded articles and accessories are top-quality products in our range, which are made in NZ.
The variety we offer covers a wide array of manufacturing materials both; in blades and handles. Blade materials include; Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel, while materials forming handles of our products are made up of classic thermoplastic elastomer. 
The wide range includes knives for all kinds of different purposes and applications ranging from butchering to hunting, shellfish, diving, chef, American buck, outdoors etc.
These knives are task-specific, designed to perform certain operations, which they perform efficiently.  Some tasks include Boning, Filleting, Oyster, fish processing etc.  
Filleting gloves, in our range, ensure protection while using sharp blades. These gloves are made available in four different sizes to provide you with a great range to choose from. Fish filleting knives like filleting gloves are vital components of your fishing gear.
Whether you are a fisherman or a normal person on a fishing adventure, make sure our filleting apparatus accompanies you everywhere.
For Hunting and similar outdoor adventures, we host Victory branded articles, with a wide variety in manufacturing materials, including; hollow ground, stainless steel and high carbon steel blades.
Taurus branded sheaths in our range hold distinction among all other sheaths. You will find sheaths for all kinds of blades at Action outdoors. We also provide a variety of sheath materials with plastic and leather sheaths in different sizes. Some articles we stock are; Fish Fillet Sheath, pig-sticking sheath, Boning Knife Sheath, Skinner Sheath etc.
The articles we offer also make sure you stay safe while using them. This is assured by applying finger guards on them, which are there to provide added safety. Commercial diving range of our offers knives with a strong grip. They are durable in operation and made available in various colours and sizes. 
We also provide articles for your kitchen use under our chef range. This range offers blades in multiple lengths to match your demands. Special Knives in this line is the cook’s knife with a stainless steel blade. 
Action outdoors provides you with all kinds of tools a butcher can ask for ranging from cleavers to knives and bone saws. We also provide polypropylene handles to our customers in this diverse range.
Following are given all the products we stock in this line. You can benefit from amazing deals on these super articles and accessories by placing orders now. We will ship your favourite accessories to your doorsteps in three days.
Butchers Knives:
Action outdoors stocks Victory NZ branded butcher knives made here in New Zealand. We offer these in two different colour choices; white and blue. A variety of materials include; hollow ground and carbon steel. Our accessories offer something extra with a classy Thermoplastic Elastomer handle in a multi-colour option. It also offers a finger guard which provides extra protection to the user.
Butchers Saws & Cleavers:
Action outdoors hosts all three tools under its line of butcher tools; cleavers, knives and bone-saw. We offer these products with Polypropylene handles. We provide you with different sizes in saws, cleavers and knives to make sure you have access to what you’re looking for.
American Buck Knives:
Our range, to complete your fishing gear, also features Buck Knives, which are made in the USA. Buck knives the USA is a family-owned business and shares our values of not compromising on quality. They are leading manufacturers and known for producing quality products. 
Chef’s Kitchen Knives:
We also stock chef and kitchen range from Victory NZ. This range includes quality knives for kitchen use. Cook’s knife with a stainless steel blade is the specialization of this range. We provide these items in different sizes for you to choose from.
Commercial Diving Knives:
Commercial diving knives from Victory NZ mark our commercial range, victory branded diving sheaths are ideal for commercial purposes.  The line includes; Diving sheath, a pointed tip dive knife, Titanium Carburo Nitride sheath etc. These items are manufactured so that they may perform ideally in tough conditions. They also offer a strong grip and are excellent for long-term use. We offer different colours and sizes in our line.
Fileting Gloves Hand Protection:
We also provide you with filleting gloves to ensure the protection of your hands during the cutting operation. Safety should be a key priority, to secure the operations of our blades we offer protection gloves in 4 different sizes; S, M, L, XL. These gloves are Okuma and Mr Crappie branded must-have accessories. 
Fish Processing Knives:
Whether you’re a fisherman or a normal person on a recreational trip, fish filleting articles in our range and must-have accessories for your kit bag. These Victory NZ fish processing items are top-notch and offers wide variety to choose from. 
Hunting & Outdoors Knives:
Hunting and outdoors require super durable and top-quality products. We offer Victory NZ branded items for successfully carrying out Hunting and other outdoor operations. These articles offer variety in their building material with hollow ground, stainless steel and high carbon steel blades. Leather sheaths, Skinning and drop point knives are also amazing products in this range. 
Knife Steel & Sharpener:
Action outdoors also provides you with a great range of sharpeners. We provide you with the best-sized products for all kinds of knives in both stone and steel. These products we stock are top-quality branded items, manufactured by renowned brands; Flugel, Jewel-stick, Victory and Buck. These are available in five different grades ranging from polished to coarse surfaces.
Miscellaneous Knives:
This range hosts different kinds of articles at reasonable prices. Variety, which these articles offer include wood handles etc. Other products in this line include; pig-sticker, butcher’s, packer’s knife etc. It also offers these articles in different sizes to match your requirement in the best way possible.
Knife Sheaths:
Action outdoors offer you Taurus branded sheaths for your different blades. Taurus offers the best leather sheaths anywhere in the world. We stock these for blades pertaining to all kinds of different applications. Some sheaths include; Fish Fillet, pig-sticking, boning Knife, Skinner Sheath etc. We also offer sheaths made of plastic and sheaths in different sizes. 
Bush Machetes:
Our range includes a wide range of bush machetes to make sure you have a product for every need of yours. We stock these articles with blades ranging from 14 inches to 23 inches.  This range also includes Para coda and Parang sheaths. Bush Machetes are also made available with wooden handles which give extra force during cutting and chopping.
Produce & Packers Knives:
This range includes Victory branded produce and packers knives. Action outdoors provides these products with a wide variety.  It also includes; curved packing, serrated packing and lettuce harvesting riggers from Victory NZ. We offer variety of blade sizes to help you choose the ideal product for your use. 
NZ Shellfish Knives:
This range stocks shellfish knives manufactured by Victory NZ. It includes articles with short but sharp and quality blades. The line includes products, which are ideal for use with different kinds of fish; Paula, Oyster, Mussels etc. If you’re a professional fisherman this line has some must-have items for your kit bag.
Sheaths for Victory Knives:
Along with top-notch Victory branded knives, sheaths are also available on our line.  These quality sheaths complement other articles on this line. We offer you Taurus branded sheaths, which are the best leather sheaths anywhere in the world. Some article types we stock on our line include; Fish Fillet, pig-sticking, boning Knife, Skinner Sheath etc. We also offer sheaths made of plastic and in different sizes. This line offers articles for blades of all kinds and applications.
Victory Knives Accessories:
Different accessories from Victory NZ are included in this line. These utility accessories are must-have articles for fishermen or general use. It includes; sheaths, fish scalers, steels, sharpeners, pocket scabbards etc.  These are available with plastic and leather manufacturing materials. These are also available in different sizes to suit your requirements. Long White Butchers Scabbard Polypropylene Lastly, this range also hosts polypropylene butchers’ scabbards in different sizes, they fit nicely into a belt. Their design and colour ensure visibility from the front.
Shop from Action outdoors to get all these super-quality accessories. Place your orders now to receive your articles at home in three days.


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