Crab Fishing Pots

Crab Fishing Pots

Crab Pots and Pull Nets 

Crab Pots designed for NZ Conditions Suitable for Boat and Beach use.


Potting in areas where is permitted - the following general restrictions apply for the Auckland Region.  


  • species specific pots (cod pots, crab pots etc) can be used. They are exempt from escape gap requirements but all other requirements (such as marking and pot limits) remain.  50 crabs per person as at 1 Feb 2017.
  • individuals may use, set, or possess, up to three pots in any one day; 
  • all pots and surface floats must be clearly and permanently marked with the fisher’s surname and initials; 
  • two or more individuals fishing from a vessel may use, set, or possess up to six pots in any one day provided they have their name on the pots and that each person is using no more than three of the pots; 
  • bobs and ring pots may be used to catch rock lobster but all other requirements such as marking and pot limits apply; 
  • pots used to catch rock lobster have specific escape gap requirements – see ‘Rock Lobster’; 

Click here to be directed to the MPI Fishing Rules for your Region.  It is your responsibility to ensure you know your regions quotas for shellfish.

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