Crayfish Cray Pots

Crayfish Cray Pots

Crayfish Pots suitable for Boat and Beach use.  Designed for NZ Conditions.

There are several different types available in various shapes and sizes including collapsible.

  • Crayfish Pots
  • Crab Pots
  • Collapsible Pots
  • Round Pots
  • Square Pots

Potting in areas where potting is permitted the following general restrictions apply for the Auckland Region.  

  • pots used to catch rock lobster have specific escape gap requirements – see ‘Rock Lobster’; Rock Lobster has a daily bag limit of 6 (both species combined).
  • individuals may use, set, or possess, up to three pots in any one day; 
  • all pots and surface floats must be clearly and permanently marked with the fisher’s surname and initials; 
  • two or more individuals fishing from a vessel may use, set, or possess up to six pots in any one day provided they have their name on the pots and that each person is using no more than three of the pots; 
  • bobs and ring pots may be used to catch rock lobster but all other requirements such as marking and pot limits apply; 
  • species-specific pots (cod pots, crab pots etc) can be used. They are exempt from escape gap requirements but all other requirements (such as marking and pot limits) remain.  

Rock Lobster Restrictions 

Protected Rock Lobster

The following types of rock lobster are protected by law and must be returned immediately to the water:
• undersized rock lobster;
• female rock lobster carrying external eggs (carried between the pleopods on the underside of the tail);
• soft shell stage rock lobster;
• rock lobster that cannot be measured (e.g. because of damage to the tail preventing accurate measurement).  

General Restrictions 

In areas where rock lobster may be gathered, the following restrictions apply:

• rock lobster may not be possessed seaward of the high water mark in an unmeasurable state.
• only hand-operated loops or lassos may be used. Spring-loaded loops or lassos are prohibited.
• spears or devices which could puncture the shell must not be used when taking rock lobster. Possessing any rock lobster which has been speared is an offence.
• external eggs or the egg-bearing appendages must not be removed from any rock lobster.

For all other Regions check your rules by click here:  MPI 



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