Bow Thrusters

Bow Thrusters

Venus Bow Thrusters 5 Sizes from 25kg to 60kg Thrust

  • 3-year Warranty on all VETUS bow thrusters
  • Call us for expert advice on installation
  • Easy to install
  • A single propeller creates less flow disturbance in a tunnel
  • Unique propeller blade design minimizes cavitation noise
  • Spiral gears minimize transmission noise
  • Less vibration due to the use of a flexible coupling
  • Optimum flow due to the streamlined tailpiece

3 years warranty on equipment and 5 years warranty on engines

Marine Bow Thrusters

A Marine Bow Thruster is a must-thing to have in your marine boating equipment. Without a quality Marine Bow Thruster your boating kit will look incomplete.
Owing to the importance Bow Thrusters carry, Action outdoors stocks the widest range of best quality Bow Thrusters in multiple varieties to perfectly match all your needs.
Our Bow thrusters, here at Action outdoors, are extremely vital in terms of helping your boat maneuver while operating at very low speeds. The smaller size and compact geometry of our Bow thrusters- as compared to those of ship propellers- provide great control and maneuverability to your vessel.

Action outdoors provides you with bow thrusters which are very easy to install, you can fit our Bow thrusters to forward part of your boat which is also known as bow. Our products are easy to fit and use and work efficiently under severe conditions.
Action outdoors provides its customers with Venus Bow Thrusters who are known for their quality products and enjoy global recognition for not compromising on quality while still offering the best possible rates to make sure the products do not go beyond the reach of our customers.

We stock Bow thrusters in a number of different sizes ranging from as light in mass as 25KG to as heavy as 60KG bow thrusters, including 35, 45 and 55KG bow thrusters. Our range includes five different sizes to perfectly match your requirements.
Another important characteristic of our bow thrusters is their low transmission noise owing to our usage of spiral gears. We make sure to help you maintain as quiet an atmosphere on board as you would like to have. 
In addition to the use of spiral gears to minimize sound we also apply flexible couplings in our products to minimize the vibration to the lowest possible levels. With these steps we offer you a quiet and pleasing atmosphere on your boat.
Action outdoors offer you VETUS and Side-Power bow thrusters, which come with pieces of advice from experts on how to install and use along with top-notch products. You can always ask us for advice and we’ll look to answer all your queries related to use of our products or their installation.

We, here at Action outdoors, offer you products which are really easy to install and operate and if you still require support, we are always there to help and guide you towards smooth operation of our top-quality products.
Our Bow thrusters, from VETUS and side-power manufacturers, have a single propeller which creates a lot less flow disturbance in the tunnel and thus offers you turbulence free operation and working of the bow thruster. In addition to that the propellers blades in our bow thrusters are designed in a way, that they minimizes the cavitation sound made during the process. 

Last but not the least, our bow thrusters carry a tailpiece which is streamlined and helps in providing maximum possible flow. The flow supply reaches optimum values due to the streamlines design of the tailpiece.
Action outdoors offer a 3year warranty on our bow thrusters, which is way more than what our contemporaries are offering and still our products last a lot longer than that and do not seize to work under tough working conditions.
In order to receive your desired bow thrusters at your doorsteps pick and choose from our web portal or in-store now and place your orders. We offer the best quality-price ratio anywhere in NZ.

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