Buoys and Fenders

Buoys and Fenders

Floats, Buoys & Fenders

Action outdoors offers the biggest range of New Zealand, Australia & USA made floats, buoys and fenders of all types and applications at unbeatable prices.

We offer Floats, Buoys & Fenders in multiple bright colors to boast visibility such as; red, yellow, green & orange. Our products are available in different sizes such as 5 inch, 6 inch, 9 inch buoys and weight categories like 7KG and 6KG buoys etc. We offer choices with multi-color products available in different shapes and sizes to better cater to your needs and requirements.

We specialize in offering top quality New Zealand made commercial crayfish floats which are manufactured by the best of the brands in the market.

In addition to NZ made floats, buoys & fenders

We also stock top quality products made abroad to meet your needs of all kinds. We stock wide range of Australian made Polystyrene floats & USA Polyform Products.

Our floats such as trott floats are ideal for working in depths such as 600 meters & 1000 meters. Similarly, longline floats in our range are made up of heavy-duty high visibility plastic & is made available bright color like orange to boast its visibility.

In many activities at the sea, floats, buoys & fenders are of extreme importance & consequently extreme emphasis is laid on availability of quality products in these accessories by Action Outdoors. Our range includes huge variety of products for all kinds of conditions and usage to meet your requirements in every way possible.

Floatation equipment is of extreme importance to any marine activity & for the same reason fishermen and boat riders use floats, fenders and different types of buoys such as net buoys, bar buoys and rings buoys. These accessories protect them against crushing and impact.

If you fish or tow or even if you manage a harbor company we have got you all covered with our biggest range of USA polyform products, New Zealand made commercial crayfish floats & the New Zealand & Australian made Polystyrene floats.

Your safety is of the top most priority for us, which is why we do not compromise on the quality of our products at any cost. Along with stocking the widest range & variety here at Action Outdoors we also maintain the top quality level of our products while still giving you the best prices on offer anywhere in the market.

We offer the best quality products at unbeatable prices to our customers & pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all your requirements. Shop your favorite accessories related to Buoys, Fenders,Floats at Action Outdoors before we run out of them and get them shipped to you at your doorsteps in three days.

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