Buy Online CRC Products Now

Buy Online CRC Products Now

CRC New Zealand Products

CRC New Zealand is a leader in specialty chemicals & adhesives for the maintenance & repair professional.

Meeting the needs of their customers with high performance  & innovative new products has made CRC & ADOS market leaders in New Zealand.

Products for automotive, industrial, food-safe, hardware, marine, manufacturing, & many more, can be found on our website.


Action outdoors offers the best range of CRC products, ranging from industrial adhesives, marine & industrial cleaners, primers, converters & coatings to prevent from corrosion, engine cleaners, epoxy solvents, marine and automotive fillers, lubricant of all types, paints and penetrating sprays.

Summing it all up, we can say that our stocks include all kinds of chemicals and adhesives you may need to maintain and repair your boats and RV.

Action outdoors stocks CRC products for all your needs on our website; be it for automotive, industrial, hardware, marine, food-safe or manufacturing usage.

Maintenance and repair of your boats, Motorhomes and fishing gears is of key importance and if not followed can lead to severe damages to your equipment. Action Outdoor brings to you well renowned CRC New Zealand products for maintenance of your accessories.

CRC New Zealand are a leading brand and specializes in manufacturing chemicals and adhesives for maintenance and repair of your Boats, Fishing gears, RV, Caravans and Motorhomes.

Our maintenance and repairing CRC products will play a great role of saving big amounts for you in the longer run by making sure that you do not face any breakdowns and severe damage occurs to you boat and RV.

Action Outdoors have selected CRC New Zealand which are market leaders in New Zealand, due to their commitment towards meeting the customer needs in every way possible; be it with the availability of high performance products or innovation.

In addition to these products we also stock CRC specialty products which are specifically designed by CRC New Zealand to deal with the most complex of your problems when it comes to maintaining your RV and boat in the best possible condition.

Action outdoors provides you with the all these maintenance products so that you are saved from any sudden seizures or breakdowns of your boats or RV. These products will enable you to make slight amendments to your equipment to not only make it work but also enhance its life in the longer run.

Our range is extensive and includes products for all your needs, some of these products are listed below in detail:


 CRC Industrial Adhesives:

We provide our customers with CRC adhesives, which are trusted the most by manufacturers all over the industry.

Moreover we supply ADOS glues which are used by boat builders and construction industry workers alike. Boat builders and construction industry manufacturers have been using these products for 40 years now, which means that these are well-trusted products when it comes to buying adhesives for your industrial needs.


Marine & Industrial cleaners:

Action outdoors provides you with CRC cleaners which are suitable for use on all kinds of surfaces and no matter how stiff the challenge might be we got it covered for you.

We offer cleaners for your outdoors needs, home, workplace or anywhere else. Our products enables you to solve all your problems with one product with your own hands.


CRC Corrosion & Protection gear:

Action outdoors provides you with CRC corrosion & protection gear which offers you a range of different primers, converters, coatings and much more for all your protection & coating needs. We also offer a galvanic rust protection range which uses zinc protection for steel surfaces. Our range is called zinc-it which offers protective, sacrificial zinc coating to safeguard your vessels.


CRC Engine cleaners:

Action outdoors offers you with the widest range of Engine cleaners, which includes; CRC’s Brakleen collection, marine cleaners, electrical cleaners, industrial cleaners & much more.

In addition to these products we also offer heavy-duty degreasers, which have been proven effective on a broad range of surfaces such as;


CRC Epoxies & Epoxy solvents:

Action outdoors stocks a wide range of epoxies & epoxy solvents; our range for these high quality Solvents for cleaning & thinning purposes is extensive.

Our broad range includes products such as;

Resamax Epoxy Mortar, which are available in packaging ranging from 1L to 10L, All-purpose resins, which are available in a number of packing ranging from 625ml to 16L.

We also stock CRC ADOS structural adhesives which comes in different sizes ranging from 0.5L to 10L baskets.


 Marine & Automobile Fillers:

Action outdoors provide its customers with top quality CRC Marine & Automobile fillers which are equally suitable for hardwood, metallic or any other surface you want to apply them on.

Doesn’t matter what problems you are coping with our products here at Action outdoors hold solution to every one of them. We tock premium epoxy and fiber fillers for all needs ranging from house-hold jobs to building sites.

Doesn’t matter how bad is the gap it can always be filled with Actin Outdoors’ fillers.



CRC Food Grade Lubricants:

Action outdoors provides its customers with CRC food grade lubricants which meets all the strict standards put forth by different food authorities such as; MPI, NZ AssureQuality and NSF international. 

Action outdoors have chosen CRC as the product we want our customers to be using because it follows all the strict guidelines in all areas of research, production and development.

Owing to all these characteristics and meeting all these standards Action outdoors stocks the best range of CRC Food grade lubricants to meet your needs of every kind.


CRC Gasketing Compounds:

Action outdoors provides its customers with Gasketing compounds from CRC New Zealand, which is a leader and specializes in manufacturing chemicals and adhesives for the maintenance and repair professional.

Action outdoors have chosen CRC NZ as they meet all the standards set by strict rulings and quality insurance bodies.

Action outdoors makes sure all the needs of customers are met with high performance and innovative new products.


In addition to these products Action Outdoors also stocks a wide range of lubricants, paints, sealants and sprays, which are manufactured to meet all your needs in the best way possible.

All of our products meet the standards set by quality insurance bodies and offer the best quality-price ratios anywhere in NZ. We stock extensive ranges of all these products. Shop now on our online web portal to get your desired accessories shipped to your doorsteps in 3 days.


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