Anchors Ropes Chains

Anchors Ropes Chains

Chains Ropes & Anchors Plus Winches

Anchoring your boat is of great importance, largely because of the scale of damage one can sustain if it is not done correctly. The most vital step in this regard has to be the selection of the correct anchor for your task. 

Action outdoors stocks a wide range of Anchors of numerous types. Whether you are looking for anchors with chain & ropes or a combination of both of them, or even If you are looking for variety such as Nylon ropes, Auto winch ropes or auto winch chains, Action outdoors will be the one stop shop for all your needs. 

Action outdoors provides you with Manson NZ anchors which are highly recommended by experts to use with your Sailboats, Super Yachts & powerboats.
We at Action outdoors care for the safety of yourself and your belongings more than anything else, which is why we do not compromise on quality at any cost.

Many people wonder which particular Anchor can cater to all their needs?

The answer to that question depends upon the kind of bottom the waters have in your working area or generally speaking, on the conditions you are working in.
Whether you are looking for Manson Boat Anchors for harsh conditions of New Zealand or the immense holding power of Delta wing Anchor, we have got it all covered for you.
Action outdoors offers a wide variety when it comes to Anchors & winches. Our huge variety in this regard includes:
The Danforth Anchor, which are also known as the lightweight or fluke anchor, are highly compatible with smaller boats owing to their lightweight. Most small boats use Danforth as their only Anchor. It is least bothered working in mud or sand.
The second type we recommend & stock is that of Supreme Anchor. These make sure to adopt the right setting position by rolling themselves with the help of the roll bars. It also offers higher holding power with the help of much higher surface area which is on offer. Action outdoors offers wide range of supreme Anchors to meet your needs in every possible way.
The last type we recommend is the Plough type Anchors, these possess great tip loading which helps them in easy setting,but they will drag at high loads
Ultimately your final decision to select the most suitable Anchor for you should be based on your needs & type of Sea Bottom.
After the selection of the Anchor the second most important mission you need to embark on is the selection of the Anchor Rode which can be a chain as well as a rope, or it can even be both.
Action outdoors offers all different types of top quality ropes & chains, Our chain stocks include galvanise chains which we offer in 4 different sizes.
You can get these chains in any length at the Action Outdoors. We also provide ropes which are specifically made ropes for anchoring your vessels.
Short Link Din766 Anchor Chains:

Our short link galvanised Din766 Anchor chains Suitable for Auto-winches.We offer these chains in different sizes which is basically determined by the diameter of the making material of the chain. For optimal performance you will have to choose the right size for our need, for which you can seek guidance from our online portal and guidance page.

Emphasis is on making sure the chain size matches the Anchor for the ideal performance of the equipment.
For all these reasons it is essential to choose the right size of our top quality chains for your needs.
We offer these chains in multiple sizes to match your needs. 6mm 7mm 8mm 10mm
Action outdoors offers the best quality-price ratio anywhere in the market. We guarantee quality products at unbeatable prices.

Boat Anchor Ropes 6mm to 40mm:

Action outdoors offers anchor ropes in a wide range of sizes as well as material types, to better cater to your needs.
Strength of ropes is a very important factor for obvious reasons, which is why Action Outdoors brings to you the best quality Anchor ropes anywhere in NZ specifically made for anchoring your vessels.
In addition to that we offer Anchor ropes in different materials including Nylon, Polyester & Polypropylene ropes.
The 8 plait Nylon ropes we offer are highly compatible with small ropes & offer great breaking strain as well as stretch characteristics.
We also offer 3 strand polyester ropes which have low stretch & usually remain soft upon using. Our polypropylene ropes offer great characteristics, due to which these are highly rated in the industry.


Marine Boat & Yacht Anchors:

Action outdoors provides top quality & most diverse range of anchors in both galvanised and stainless steel building materials.
Our extensive range of Anchors includes; Collapsible, Delta, Danforth, Drift, Grapnel, Supreme, Plough, Racer, Rocnas, Ray & Vulcan Anchors.
Another special product in our stores is of Rocna Anchorwhich offers lifetime warranty & a wide range from 4kgs to 10kgs.


Bow rollers & fair-leads:

Bow rollers make it very easy for you to drop, weigh & stow your anchors afterwards. They do so by helping you weigh the Anchor in a position where you can conveniently pull with top efficiency.
Action outdoors provides you with a wide range of anchor rollers including; self-launching Anchor rollers, hinged self-launching anchor rollers, wide rollers, slotted Bollards, spare fair rollers & spare fair leads.
Bow rollers & fair-leads are essential in making sure that you do not chafe your anchor rode or chain/rope across the stem fitting which is very important in order to carry out the operation without interruptions &  hindrances.
Our Bow rollers & fair-leads promises top-notch quality at unbeatable prices all over the New Zealand.


Anchor chain rope-combos:

Action outdoors offers combinations of Anchor chains & ropes in well prescribed lengths and widths.
To further study which combination you want to order you can search our web portal for anchor chain & rope combos or simply click on link given to see the ideal combinations for yourself.
All the great combinations are available at the action outdoors you can order your desired combination after looking at our recommended table showing lengths of ropes & chains in proportions.
We offer these combinations on our top quality ropes & chains specifically manufactured for anchoring your vessels.
The used ropes & chains will include8 Plait Nylon Auto Winch Rope to the chain & 3 Ply Nylon Rope to Chain combinations.


Shackles & Accessories:

Action outdoors stock a wide range of swivels & shackles with great strengths and in a number of designs. Our range includes great variety of products and accessories.
Some of our product types include; stainless steel shackles, Galvanised Boat & Trailer Shackles, Anchor & mooring swivels.
One of the most commonly used shackle type is our galvanised D-shackle & am most of the other shackle types are basically slight variations in it.
Action outdoors provides you with swivels, shackles & straighteners for your anchors of all types & for all of your vessels from very small sizes to larger ones.
Our swivels; Anchor & mooring are made up of grade stainless steel 316 and can also be implied as the marine mooring swivel fittings. Some other Shackles and accessories include;
  • Jaw to Jaw Stainless Steel Swivels
  • Titan Safety Shackles
  • Anchor Swivels
  • Eye Grab Hooks in Stainless Steel & Galvanised.


Soft-bait drift fishing Anchors:

Our soft-bait drift fishing anchors will help you catch a lot more fish by soft turning the pace at which your boat moves. It is an extremely important factor because it is often aid that fishing is indeed a game of fine-tuning.
Action outdoors provides you with drift fishing anchors which make sure the drift is at minimal & the boat stays at the best fishing locations for all the time.
Drift fishing anchors are particularly compatible with using alongside soft bait fishing.
Action outdoors offers soft-bait drift fishing anchors for boats as small as 3 meters long & as large as 20 meters long.


Winches, Capstans & Drum Winches:

Action outdoors offers a wide range of accessories in winches, capstans & drums. These accessories have great advantages if effectively used & thus we strive to bring the best of these products to you to help you benefit from them.
The Capstan, drum winches all rotate around axis to wind ropes & chains. The drum winches are ideal for the locations where space is very limited because they can be placed neatly in the anchor locker which makes room for other important accessories. 
For smaller boats we recommend drum winches. Especially if you are looking for winch for a boat with shallow anchor wells, drum winch is the thing for you.
Action outdoors provides you with made in New Zealand sea winch boat capstans made by James Nilsson winch makers.
We offer a large range of products for you to choose from based on differences in speeds & powers.
Action Outdoors offers Anchor chain rope winches made by reputed brands such as; Anchorman, Maxwell Windlass.
In short, Action Outdoors caters to all of your needs related to boat anchors, winches at the best quality-price ratio.
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