Outboard Parts & Salt Away

Outboard Parts & Salt Away

Outboard Stuff

  • Petrol Tanks
  • Outboard brackets
  • Flush Kits
  • Salt-Away
  • PropGuard
  • Kill switches
  • Jacking Plates

Outboard Parts and Salt-Away

Outboard parts and Salt away accessories form an important component of Chandlery equipment range. We stock a myriad of product in this range which covers a wide range of useful products involved in many operations on a ship or vessel.

Some of these accessories include; Tanks which are available in multiple gallon capacity options, Air pump inflator of 400 litres per minute rate, switch/choke, outboard brackets, kill switches, Flush Kits, Salt-Away, Jacking Plates etc. All these accessories come-in handy at the time of need, which makes them must-have items for any ship or other vessels.

Our range is diverse and features products from various product types like; Kiwi Claw grippers for ropes, locks, motor jacking plates and brackets etc. All these items and ones mentioned above are available in this range with complete variety which involves variations in design, size and applications. These options equip our customers with a cast set to choose from.

Salt away products in this range help in getting rid of sticky greases and other stains. These products are also viable for use in industrial applications and homes ships etc. alike. You can place your orders for desired outboard parts and salt away now, in order to benefit from super deals we offer on these items. Avail this opportunity before we run out of them. We will ship these products to your doorsteps within three days.

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