Winch Switch Gear Counters

Winch Switch Gear Counters

Windlass Rope & Chain Counters, Switch Gear

A chain counter or rode counter is an instrument that gives you an accurate digital read-out of the anchor rode length deployed.

A chain counter is an invaluable piece of kit as it is very important that you have the correct length of anchor rode for the conditions. Using a chain counter means you have the security of knowing exactly how much anchor rode has been deployed and removes the guesswork.

Can I fit a chain counter (rode counter) to my windlass?
AutoAnchor chain counters or rode counters can be fitted to almost any size and type of windlass – electric, hydraulic or AC powered and using either rope/chain or all-chain rodes. Check with your windlass supplier for specific information.

Does a chain counter (rode counter) work with a rope/chain combination rode?
Yes – AutoAnchor chain counters are designed to work with either rope/chain combination or all-chain rode.

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