Petrol and Diesel Fuel Fittings

Petrol and Diesel Fuel Fittings

Marine Fuel Fittings


Deck Fillers, Fuel Filters, Fuel Hose & Tank Fittings, Fuel Vents, Fuel Tanks, Fuel Lines,


Petrol & Diesel Fuel Fittings:

Petrol and Diesel Fittings form an important component of your Marine and RV accessories. Action outdoors stocks a wide variety of products in this regard to match all your needs and requirements.

We stock various products to equip you with everything you need to assure smooth sailing operation on your Boat, RV Motorhome.  Range of ours includes; Marine Fittings, Vents, filters, Deck Fillers, Hoses, and Tanks & Fuel Lines.

Filters we stock also include fuel-water separators. Our deck fillers’ range includes petrol, Diesel, water deck fillers etc.

We stock Attwood, MaxTek branded products in our range, which are renowned brands. These accessories are made available in plastic, bronze, and stainless steel materials. The deck fillers offer another incentive with the availability of keys and locks.

Our fuel tanks are designed in a rugged ergonomic way, which make them perfect for your boats. Action outdoors offers lines from world renowned brands; Mercury, Yamaha and Johnson etc.

Our tank Fittings’ products enable you to perform operations yourself. Our range includes Male and Female Connectors, senders, Shut-Off Valves, Anti-Siphon Tank Valves etc. These accessories help you understand or operate complex operations and arrangements without having to reach out to experts.

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