TV and Stereo

TV and Stereo

A Range of Marine TV, Satellite Antennas, Speakers, Stereo & Speaker Packs,


Marine RV Stereo and TV:

Get all kinds of stereo, TV, head units, speakers, antennas, audio accessories etc. in unbeatable prices at Action outdoors. These accessories, we stock, are important parts of your Marine and RV equipment and can easily lighten up your day outdoors.

We supply top-quality products in our range of RV and Marine stereo, TV etc. to make sure there is never a dull moment during your time onboard. Our equipment ensures you are entertained throughout your adventures and expeditions.

Your RV, caravan or boat is virtually incomplete without our great audio system and accessories, which will not only help you in keeping yourself up-to-date with the rest of the world but also helps you enjoy your favorite songs to lighten-up your day on board.

At Action outdoors, we lay emphasis on the provision of top-quality products to our customers, in the pursuit of which we stock accessories from top brands in the industry.

We provide our customers with Fusion Marine branded; audio accessories, Bluetooth, head units, docks, DVD, speakers etc. to ensure uninterrupted entertainment and fun.

These accessories come in handy during the most demanding situations and can even become your source of information to navigate, plan, surf using information from the TV, or FM antenna. You can stay updated about changing weather conditions, sea conditions, landscapes. Using these amazing accessories.

While surfing in waters for several hours, you feel like you are cut-off from test of the world, our satellite antenna, TV etc. will team-up to help you feel great.

Our head units from top names; Fusion Marine and MaxTex brands, not only amplify the sound you hear but also time on the roads or waters.

We also provide 2-way, 3-way speakers. These speakers are waterproof, compliant with indoors and outdoors use. They come with decorative and indicative lights on them.

In your adventures you may find yourself in far-off areas away from any access to internet. In such scenarios, Majestic branded TVs for your RV, caravan or boat will be your source of entertainment and information along with free view-sky branded receiver to make sure you are never out of touch.

Our stereo system offers Bluetooth Stereo & Speaker Packs, these amazing commodities enable you to make phone calls with boat Audio System. It supports USB & both; AM, FM Antennas. These accessories we stock, come with complete details as our Wind-Up Satellite TV Antennas, come with LNB, LNB Holder and Strut Kit.

We have listed all the products we offer in this range below. Order these amazing products now to get them shipped to your doorsteps in three days.

  • Audio Accessories:

A comprehensive list of products completes our Audio accessories range for you RV, motor home or boat audio system. Fine range of accessories we stock include; Antennas, stereo, head unit, Dolby amplifier, AM and FM, iPod USB Cable, Sony Remote. Our stocks have all these utility accessories to make your day great aboard.

  • Fusion Marine:

Action outdoors offers you super awesome products from Fusion Marine brand. The fusion range we host has a myriad of products to entertain you. These accessories also help you stay updated and fresh. Exclusive line includes; Speakers, Fusion marine Media Device Dock, DVD, iPod Dock, Bluetooth.

  • Head Units:

Head units in our line feature branded accessories from renowned MaxTex, Fusion Marine brands to equip you with the best equipment. We offer a wide variety in these accessories to help you choose the most suitable products for requirement. Products include; Marine DVD, Stereo, headset Bluetooth, Amplifier, and Stereo Marine Units.

  • Majestic Boat / RV TV:

On board low voltage appliances are must-have products. Action outdoors offers Majestic branded low voltage TV's. These are strongly built TV’s for any kind of Boat, motor home, RV you may have. Majestic branded TV’s specialize in being the most advanced low-voltage TV’s anywhere in the world.

  • Satellite Antenna:

This range of entertainment related electronic accessories cater to your needs in the far-off areas with Majestic Marine branded Satellite dish, when used with Free View-sky branded receivers, it makes a great combination to help you access TV in far-off areas.

  • Marine & RV Speakers:

Our range also includes speakers for your RV, motor home and Marine use. These accessories we host, are available in Boxed form or Recessed form. We stock both 2-way and 3-way speakers to perfectly match needs of yours. These speakers come with decorative and directive lights on them. They are water-proof and compliant with indoors and outdoors use. We also offer a wide variety in their sizes to perfectly match requirements.

  • Stereo & Speaker Packs:

Stereo and speaker packs range in our stocks offers Marine Bluetooth Stereo & Speaker Packs. These appliances enable you to make phone calls with the help of Audio system of Boat or motor home. It supports AM/FM antennas, USB cable and MP3. We provide you with different sizes in these MaxTek branded Bluetooth stereo, speakers.

  • TV Accessories:

TV Accessories in this range, are available in a wide variety.  Wind-Up Satellite TV Antenna we offer, comes with LNB, LNB Holder, Strut Kit. We also stock UFO X Marine TV Antenna, UHF TV & Radio Antenna Kit. These products ensure the availability of entertainment and information during long hours of outdoor adventures.


We offer the best quality-to-price ratio anywhere in NZ. Order now to get your favorite Marine, RV stereo and TV accessories shipped to you in three days.

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