Car and Boat Trailers Parts

Car and Boat Trailers Parts

Car and Boat Trailers Parts:


Action outdoors offers you a wide range of car and boat trailer parts in a variety of materials and sizes to help you choose the ideal product for your need.

Boat or Car Trailers have various important applications. They are vital in transporting boats and cars. They also offer storage for them. Owing to these high-level importance of these trailers we stock top-notch equipment as their components.

It is said that a boat or car trailer is only as good as the parts which constitute it. Our wide range of quality products comply with all your minute requirements regarding the components of your trailer.

A boat or car trailer is a form of trailer, which is used in transporting, launching, storing boats and cars. It has many parts which require minute specifications to match in order to work.

Action outdoors provide you with all these parts in the exact minute details you are seeking them. The vast variety of different trailer components we stock make it possible for you to pick and choose the best suited components for you need.

We provide you with Rollers, Bow Stops, which come from Stoltz brand are top-quality poly rollers.

They are specifically designed and shipped from America to ensure the Protection of your vessel while loading and unloading.

To ensure that there doesn’t happen any unfortunate incident, we stock safety products including; safety chain and shackle kit, Outboard Flags with LED lights, flag bags and Tow bar shin protectors. To guard you against any damage we provide our customers with mudguards, which are available in both plastic and metal building materials.

Exclusive range of products includes hitches & couplings, which are ideal to use with your small boat or car carriers. Wide variety in sizes and load capacity is available in stores. It also includes; male and female lighting connectors with NZ 7 pin connectors to make sure that the accessories fit perfectly on the boat transporter.

Winches are available in manual, electrical to equip you with your desired accessory. Electric winches are known for being reliable throughout long operations. Manual winches are available in single and 2 speed, from 300 to 1750kg brackets. This wide variety to choose from gives our customers leverage to not compromise on the desired products in minute details. The same minute details in return provide optimum functioning of vessel or car transporter.

We offer the best quality to price ratio in all of New Zealand, shop favorite accessories of yours now from Action outdoors. Benefit from amazing deals we are offering on them. Place your orders now for us to ship them to your address in three days.

• Boat Trailer Rollers:

In our range of trailer components for your boat and car, RV and motor home we stock Stoltz branded Rollers and Bow Stops. These products are top-quality poly rollers specifically designed for your trailers all the way from USA. Our products are vital in ensuring the Protection of your vessel while loading, unloading.

 Trailer Brakes & Bearings:

Our components range for you boat carriers include brake, bearing kits for Caliper sets, Seal kits , Brake pads and bearing buddies. These components ensure smooth working, transporting of your vessel. We also offer hydraulic Cast iron caliper set and MaxTek branded bearing buddies which have high strengths.


Electrical connectors form important components of you vessel transporter. Wide range of products in this regard include; Lighting Connectors available with male and female connectors. They are present with the availability of storage clip Replacement. We ensure that our products fit onto your carrier with NZ 7 pin connectors.

• Trailer Hitches & couplings:

These Hitches & Couplings we stock, are ideal to use with your small boat or car transporter. Couplings are available in 1-7/8 inches sizes, we also store Tow balls in 50mm size with locks, chain, straps, safety chains, and shackles with this range which have high strength. Coupling is available in 2500 kg range in our stocks.

 Trailer Jockey Wheels:

Jockey wheels and parts constitute an important part of our range for accessories for your vessel transporters. This range also provides you with different kinds of wheel for your need from solid wheels to pneumatic Wheels. The price range for our products for this range is unbeatable from $75.00 to $270.00. We stock jockeys with rubber wheels at multiple dimensions.

• Manual Trailer Winch:

Winches are another vital constituent of this line. We stock Manual Winches with a wide variety including with steel wire or Dyneema fiber ropes & without them. These winches are available as single and 2 speed to match your requirements. Manual winches are available from 300 to 1750 kg accessories.

• Electric Winch for Trailers:

Power-Winch branded Electrical winches with a wide variety. These electrical winches are known for their smooth operations over long periods. We offer you with 12 volts power-winch branded top-quality electrical winches and cables for small and large boats.

• Trailer Safety Parts:

Action outdoors stocks a wide variety of trailer safety parts with this line to help save your vessel and carrier from any unfortunate incident. Products include; safety chain and shackle kit, Outboard Flags with LED lights, flag bags, Tow bar shin protectors etc.

• Car & Truck Tow Balls:

We provide you with Trojan branded tow ball and duos at various sizes from 1-7/8 inches. These products are great to use with standard NZ Boat and Car Trailers. Our accessories for car, truck tow ball comply with the tough standards in New Zealand.

• Trailer Guards:

Guards range at this line include; Mudguards, which are available in both plastic and metal building material. Their variety in design include plastic mudguard built with Step, the metallic one with Single or Tandem etc. These are available as folded & rolled edge design.

• Trailer Lights:

This product type features a myriad of different light accessories for your vessel carrier. Wide variety of lights include; 100 percent submersible light kit, Hella branded lights, waterproof, Front, Side, Indicator, Markers etc. all kinds of lights.

• Trailer Locks & Chocks:

To make sure your belongings; boat, transporter are secure you need to have our security products from locks, chocks range. Some products from the range include; Wheel Chocks, Dinghy wheel pair, cooler chocks, wheel clamps, Marine Padlocks, coupling Lock etc.

Shop all these products from our web portal, by placing your orders now. We will ship your desired accessories to your doorsteps within three days.



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