Chartplotter & Sounder Transducers

Chartplotter & Sounder Transducers

Find your fish and gather water information with pinpoint accuracy.


The range of transducers covers both transoms mounted transducers for trailer boats, jet skis, and kayaks, as well as through-hull transducers for larger vessels such as launches and motor pleasure yachts.

Transducers available include skimmers, 600W, 1 kilowatt, and larger options.

Chart plotter and Sounder transducers

In order to complete your Marine electronics equipment, you need to ensure the presence of our top-quality chart plotters and sounder transducers in your electronics gear.

We provide you with a diverse range, which enables you to choose chart plotters and transducers of your choice. These items are vital to your success in finding the best amount of fish with pinpoint accuracy.

Chart plotters, from this product type, are sensitive electronic products which detect the slightest of the distortions in the behaviour and plots it for you to see and navigate accordingly. Such sound signalling gives a boost to the confidence of surfer and enhances the success rate.

This equipment we offer, in this range, help you achieve remarkable success by guiding you to navigate through the sea until you find the ideal spot for fishing.

Sounders in this range detect the sound pulses, which are reflected back, by doing, so they can locate the fish underwater and enhances the probability of striking success. We deliver these items to our customers regardless of their vessel type.

Our transducers come with multiple options in power consumption range. These variables range from 600 to more than 100W in power.  Such variance ensures a transducer for every boat and every function. You can benefit from our amazing deals online by placing your orders now.


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