VHF Marine Radio

VHF Marine Radio

VHF Marine Radio

Marine Radio is an essential piece of equipment on your boat.

Available as either handheld VHF or a fixed radio they are extremely useful in emergency situations.

It is NOT safe to purely rely on mobile phones as they are not always in range.

Furthermore, the emergency channels are monitored 24/7 by Coastguard, plus any emergency broadcast will be heard by other craft in the area.
A cell phone lets you talk to one person, a marine RADIO lets you talk to many people.
If you intend to use your VHF radio for communication purposes you will need to hold a VHF radio operator’s qualification.

Coastguard offers short courses for Marine VHF Radio Operators and issues call signs.

VHF Marine Radio

Marine electronics range is incomplete without a marine radio aboard. We stock a wide variety and range of these items in our marine electronics range.

Radios are vital to your safety on waters since when on waters your reliance on mobile phones become limited and you can be signalled ‘no network access’ at any given time and location. To avoid any such unwanted situation you are advised to equip yourself with our technologically advanced and specifically designed VHF.

Our wide range includes technologically advanced Trident, Simrad, Lowrance and Cobra branded radios in this product line. All these brands offer quality products with immense variety to help you choose your desired product.

With a VHF you can be in direct connection with a lot of people, you can use this facility to avert any danger or help yourself out of one.

These items are compulsory components of your electronics gear. Importance of these accessories becomes obvious under emergency situations when technology offers a sound escape from an otherwise unfortunate ending. We stock these items in both; handheld VHF and fixed radio options to facilitate our customers.

You can benefit from these amazing items by placing your orders now. We will ship your desired accessories to your doorsteps within three days.

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