Marine & RV Plumbing Fittings

Marine & RV Plumbing Fittings

 A Range of Marine & RV Plumbing Fittings

Deck Fittings, Underwater Fittings, Tank Fittings, Hose Fittings

Marine and RV plumbing fittings:
Action outdoors stocks a wide range as well as variety of Marine, RV plumbing fittings. It is further divided into two main categories, so that you can access your desired items with ease.  
Pipe-fittings in our stocks include elbows; 90 degrees and120 degrees, hose tail pieces, connectors, clamps and plugs.

These products are ideal for Marine and RV usage.

Plumbing fittings are used in pipe systems to adjust to multiple shapes and sizes or flow measures etc. we also use it to connect pipes or tubing sections.
Skin-fittings products from our range cover below/above Water hose tails, cockpit drain, female tank, elbows, Recessed skin and nylon. These items are available in different sizes to perfectly match your needs. Hose tails are also made available in multiple colors.

An important aspect in this range is that our accessories offer leakage free operation. Our equipment ensures there is no break down or leakage. Action outdoors maintains this reputation by supplying top-quality goods at unbeatable prices.
Different kinds of fittings in our stocks also includes; Deck, underwater, hose etc. All these different types of systems ensure availability of desired goods to all our customers as per the need of plumbing system on their boats and motor homes.

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