RV and Marine Toilets

RV and Marine Toilets

Ocean Technologies marine Toilets.

Manufactured by Johnson Pumps the Ocean Tech range has a toilet to suit every boat and budget.
Ocean Tech toilets are the world’s best selling design for ease of service in restricted spaces with all the fastenings facing the front or the top. Performance, reliability, noise level and design have really reached the highest standards.

Available in 3 different basic models: electric standard, electric silence or manual operation.

Competitively, the fine finish and well-thought design of these toilets is remarkable. Made of white vitreous porcelain, and with corrosion resistant parts throughout,
Ocean Tech toilets are silent, robust and easy to clean. All toilets are built around a simple, very easy and interchangeable macerator jet pump. Reliability has been proven over three decades with over 500,000 units sold worldwide.

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