Marine Boat Trim Tabs

Marine Boat Trim Tabs

LENCO Trim Tab Kits Top quality& Lectrotab heavy-duty stainless steel trim tab

Top quality components make Lenco Trim Tabs the strongest in the industry. They’re durable, fast acting, responsive, dependable,trouble free & easy to install. Insist on the best - Lenco tabs.
• Stainless steel rams
• Electro - polished stainless steel tabs & hinges ** Exclusive to NZ - Not available in USA **
• Machine cut brass gears
• High-tech seals
• 3 year warranty

Lenco Tabs are the preferred choice of leading NZ boat builders including; Bluefin, Buccaneer, Extreme,
Figlass, Profile, Rayglass, Smuggler, Southern & Stabicraft.

Marine Boat & Launch Trim Tabs

Owing to its importance Action outdoors stocks a wide range of Marine boat and launch trim tabs, in different sizes to perfectly match your needs. Trim Tabs are of great help in acquiring you with the best possible control of your boat. Rightly chosen Trim Tabs of proper size will help you improve the performance of your boat.

We offer Marine trim tabs in a number of different dimensions ranging from as small as 9’’ X 9’’ to as large as 9’’ X 36’’ & from 12’’ X 12’’ to 12’’ X 24’’.
In addition to the variety in the sizes of the marine trim tab Action outdoors also offers a number of other different features based on which you can find the ideal product for your need, such; Marine trim tabs with standard switch, auto switch, LED indicators and auto retract are also available at Action outdoors to perfectly match your needs.

Our Marine trim tabs, here at Action outdoors, fast track the process of getting on plane, significantly improves your control of the boat, helps you correct roll, improve your visibility in the sea and increase the working efficiency of your vessel.
Action outdoors provides its customers with LENCO trim tab kits which are top quality trim tab kits manufacturers and are known in the industry for manufacturing the strongest Trim Tabs. Moreover the Lectrotab heavy duty stainless steel trim tabs, we supply are known for their strength in all of the industry.

Our trim tabs allow you to adjust the attitude of your boats towards changes in variables such as speed, conditions in the sea and the shifting weight. The adjustment in the attitude of the boat then results in better control, as well as better visibility in the sea for you. 

The trim tabs provide the necessary lift to the boat during the changes in the factors such as speed etc. of the boat and sea condition. Our products will make sure the overall efficiency of the boat is enhanced.
The working principle of Trim Tabs is simple but highly effective, when deflected down, trim tabs raise the stern and reduce the hull resistance due to the upward pressure created on them by the water force. In this way they provide greater control to you.

Action outdoors offers boat and launch trim tabs with certain characteristics which help our products stand out from the rest of the trim tabs in the market. Our products come with a warranty of 3 years and are extremely durable in working.
Action outdoors provides you with marine boat and launch trim tabs which are easy to install and help you stay out of trouble with their smooth working for long periods of time. 
Despite of the great properties of our products and top-notch quality our prices are the most reasonable in all of NZ. 

We do not compromise on the quality and keep bringing the most innovative products in the Marine industry to you while still making sure the prices do not go beyond your reach.
To order from our wide range of top-quality Marine trim tabs you can browse through our web portal or visit us in-store. 

Pick and choose your desired accessories from our exclusive range and order online before we run out of them, to get them shipped to you at your doorsteps in three days.

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