Manila Nylon Polyester Ropes

Manila Nylon Polyester Ropes

Discover our collection of Dynemma, Manila, Nylon, Polyester, and Polypropylene ropes and cords, including braided cords, yacht braids, and anchor ropes.

In a large variety of ropes in different lengths, sizes and colours.

We are leading suppliers of rope, cordage, and associated accessories to NZ government agencies and councils.


1. 3 Strand Nylon Ropes: Dense, high-strength sinking ropes, perfect for general purposes and long-lasting applications.

2. 3 Strand Polypropylene Ropes: Versatile all-purpose ropes, available from 3mm to 100mm.

3. 3 Strand Polyester Ropes: Highly functional, low-stretch ropes, ideal for mooring, docking, climbing, and acting as a top-quality anchor warp.

4. Braided Polyester Ropes: Soft and low stretch, suitable for mooring, docking, climbing, yachting, and pulley usage.

5. Braided Nylon Ropes: Densely sinkable ropes, robust and durable. Ideal for heavy load pulling.

6. Manila Ropes: Versatile and dense, perfect for fishing, fitness, and garden landscaping (refer to Manila Rope page for landscaping usage).

7. Dyneema Ropes: With ten times the strength of steel at a fraction of the weight, these ropes retain 80% strength after two years of exposure for reliable, long-term usage.


Please browse our selection of high-quality ropes and accessories catering to various industries and purposes.

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