Braided Nylon Rope

Braided Nylon Rope

Nylon is the strongest easily available rope material.

  • Although it is quite strong it does lose about 15% of its strength when wet.  In most cases, this is not significant, but it should be factored into the rope-buying decision for applications where the rope will be exposed to water. 

  • It should also be noted that it is very dense and sinks in water.

  • Nylon is the best choice of rope for many applications. 

  • This includes marine, general purpose, and towing. It is very strong, but perhaps more importantly highly UV and abrasion resistant, so it lasts a long time.

  • Nylon ropes excel at both of these tasks.

  • Braided ropes are recommended for pulling heavy loads as it does not coil and unravel like 3 strand ropes when pulled by strong force .

  • Use braided ropes for pulleys and similar usage.

  • Our Stock range Includes  Braided Nylon Dockline ,8 Plait Anchor Rope, Nylon Flat Braids,


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