Braided Polyester

Braided Polyester

Braided Polyester Sash Cord ,Polyblend & Kermantle Safety Rope


Which is almost as strong as nylon, it also has the highest resistance to abrasion, UV and heat. Remains soft when used.

The main difference between Nylon and Polyester is the elasticity.  Nylon stretches significantly more than Polyester.
Because of these factors, Nylon is more appropriate for applications where slight stretch is desirable, such as dock lines or the core of dynamic climbing ropes.
Similarly, Polyester line is more appropriate for applications where stretch is not desired, such as lifting slings and hammock guy lines.


Very popular as top quality anchor warps for all boats.
Also used as mooring, docking, climbing and safety ropes because of its low stretch properties.
Suitable in all applications where low stretch but good handling properties are required.
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