Polypropylene Ropes

Polypropylene Ropes

Low-Cost General Purpose Polypropylene Rope

Polypropylene and Duradan rope

  • 3 Strand Rope is one of the most cost-effective ropes on the market.
  • A number of uses within Fishing, Aquaculture, Boating, Trucking, Industrial and Home Applications.
  • Is an economical fibre that absorbs no water, floats and does not shrink when wet.
  • 3 Strand is one of the most reasonably priced ropes on the market. It consists of many fibres spun into yards then formed into strands.
  • 3 strand ropes are flexible and easily spliced and knotted.
  • This rope is UV stabilized to meet our extreme UV conditions and is made to exceed the Australian standard 4142.2-1993.
  • Available in 3mm through to 40mm and in a variety of lengths.
  • 4 colour choices as well

‚ÄčPolypropylene rope has nearly twice the strength of Manila rope of same size. The rope has positive buoyancy (floats), doesn't absorb water, and doesn't decay. Its resistant to acid, alkali and most chemicals.

When not in use, the rope should be stored away from direct sunlight.

Recommended usages are mooring, dock and anchor line, boat life-line, tarpaulin line, tent tiedown, pool barrier line, public utility and general use in home, farm and industry.
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