Allen Taurus Leather Products

Allen Taurus Leather Products

Taurus High-Quality Leather Knife Sheaths and Belts made with the Highest Quality leather

Taurus has been making high quality leather knife sheaths for years and these sheaths are designed to suit most types of knife styles and sizes.

Sheath types include filleting knives, pocket knives, bloat knives and skinning knives. 

Taurus use carefully selected full grain leather or hardwearing suede hides and do not take short cuts with construction.

Manufacturing Procedure

  • Each hide is thoroughly checked before cutting

  • They are placed in the press where specially shaped cutting knives are used on the hide to evenly cut individual pieces.

  • These pieces are then sewn together featuring double stitching and rolled edges for overall strength,

  • Non rust rivets are used to reinforce points of wear.

Taurus Leather Company has been manufacturing quality leather products for the building, farming and outdoor channels since 1988.

Stuart & Kerian Savill bought the business off F&A Herman then combined this with the assets of Taurus Leather Company and the leather goods division of Bluegrass Products.

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