Trojan Trailer Products

Trojan Trailer Products

Trojan Products

The Brand Associated with the Country’s Leading Trailer Component Supplier with Top-notch Quality, Service and Delivery

We proudly present the Trojan branded trailer products with the best range of genuine Trojan spare parts and components to help you build your desired trailer.

For decades Trojan trailer components have been- and still remains to be the go-to source of the leading manufacturers of Australia and New Zealand for acquiring trailer components to build trailers.

We offer a one-stop location for all your needs regarding Trojan trailer components. You can simply order all the components you need and build a trailer yourself. Building a trailer had never been as simple.

It doesn’t matter whether you run a commercial brand yourself or want to build a trailer at home, Action Outdoors will make sure all your requirements are fulfilled, and you’re never left wanting for more.

Our Trojan branded products include

You can search the item name in the search box or scroll through our catalogue made available on our website to reach your desired Trojan branded product.

Trojan has made a name for itself by winning the trust of buyers over the course of its fifty years old history. 

The basic principles for which clients keep coming back to Trojan are

  • Quality

  • Reliability

  • Guaranteed fitness

One thing which is pertinent to mention here is that owing to its extreme competitiveness, the Trojan products often run out of stock and can stay out for longer periods of time. Such behaviour is seen because of the value it adds to its products and the quality, durability and guaranteed fitness it offers to its clients. All these properties make Trojan branded products, hot selling items and which is why you shouldn’t be wasting any more time and place your order online at Action Outdoors before we run out of stock.

Trojan manufactures a wide range of beam axles to suit most applications. These axles are to be used with leaf spring suspensions and include straight beam, drop beam and gull-wing types. They are usually custom made after specifications such as lengths of two variables; A and B

  • The face to face measurement (A) is the measurement from the outside face of one hub to the opposite one. 

  • Measurement (B) is measured from the centre to the centre of the springs mounted position.

Trojan axle components are made to suit both; complete as well as partial rebuild replacement of the axle.

Axles, Hubs, and Fittings are available in great variety on Action Outdoors depending upon the type of Suspension used, types of Brakes applied and kind of Kits used to fit on new or existing axles.

In terms of Lighting and Electrical products, Action Outdoors has equipped itself with a wide range of the finest Trojan branded products to ensure the best functioning of your trailer in every way. The range includes

  • Trailer Taillights

  • LED lights

  • Reflectors

  • Boat Trailer Light Boards

  • Trailer Connectors

  • 7 Pin Flat or Round Plugs and Cables

Towing accessories of Action Outdoors will enable your trailer to tow heavy loads safely. Again the brand that speaks for itself; the Hector logo coupled with Trojan's name is recognized as the leading brands in the market due to their not compromising policy on quality. Trojan is the sole provider of a wide range of towing accessories to Action Outdoors. Action Outdoors share values with these trusted sources and thus bring you the best product that is out there.

You can visit the webpage pertaining to towing accessories to place your order.

The variety of products available makes Action Outdoors a one-stop-shop for all the top quality Trojan branded components for a trailer.

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