Diving and Spearfishing Gear

Diving and Spearfishing Gear

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Scuba diving is a mode of underwater diving where the diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba), which is completely independent of surface supply, to breathe underwater. 

Scuba divers carry their own source of breathing gas, usually compressed air, allowing them greater independence and freedom of movement than surface-supplied divers, and longer underwater endurance than breath-hold divers.

Although the use of compressed air is common, a new mixture called enriched air (Nitrox) has been gaining popularity due to its benefit of reduced nitrogen intake during repetitive dives.

Open circuit scuba systems discharge the breathing gas into the environment as it is exhaled, and consist of one or more diving cylinders containing breathing gas at high pressure which is supplied to the diver through a regulator.

They may include additional cylinders for range extension, decompression gas or emergency breathing gas. 

Closed-circuit or semi-closed circuit rebreather scuba systems allow recycling of exhaled gases.

The volume of gas used is reduced compared to that of open circuit, so a smaller cylinder or cylinders may be used for an equivalent dive duration.

Rebreathers extend the time spent underwater compared to open circuit for the same gas consumption; they produce fewer bubbles and less noise than open circuit scuba which makes them attractive to covert military divers to avoid detection, scientific divers to avoid disturbing marine animals, and media divers to avoid bubble interference.

Scuba diving may be done recreationally or professionally in a number of applications, including scientific, military and public safety roles, but most commercial diving uses surface-supplied diving equipment when this is practicable.

Scuba divers engaged in armed forces covert operations may be referred to as frogmen, combat divers or attack swimmers.

A scuba diver primarily moves underwater by using fins attached to the feet, but external propulsion can be provided by a diver propulsion vehicle, or a sled pulled from the surface.

Other equipment includes a mask to improve underwater vision, exposure protection, equipment to control buoyancy, and equipment related to the specific circumstances and purpose of the dive.

Some scuba divers use a snorkel when swimming on the surface.

Scuba divers are trained in the procedures and skills appropriate to their level of certification by instructors affiliated to the diver certification organisations which issue these certifications. 

These include standard operating procedures for using the equipment and dealing with the general hazards of the underwater environment, and emergency procedures for self-help and assistance of a similarly equipped diver experiencing problems.

A minimum level of fitness and health is required by most training organisations, but a higher level of fitness may be appropriate for some applications.

Diving and Spearfishing Gear:
Spearing fish from rivers and streams is a practice which has been around for centuries and is considered to be a very successful one. But, in order to maximize the chances of your success and minimizing the any unfortunate incidents, your Spearfishing gear needs to be complete as well as top-notch.
Action outdoors offers you complete diving and spearfishing gears for all kinds of spearfishing including free-diving, scuba diving and snorkeling gears.
Whether you’re about to embark on a recreational journey or pursuing scuba diving for a professional activity such as scientific, military, or public safety roles, Action outdoors will be your one-stop shop or all your needs pertaining to diving and spearfishing gear.
Action outdoors stocks a wide range and variety of all kinds of accessories associated with diving and spearfishing gears. Ranging from footwear of all types to diving fins, masks and snorkels. Moreover, all of our products offer the best prices anywhere in NZ without compromising on the top-notch quality that we are known for.
Just like any other product of ours, with diving and spearfishing gear we emphasize on and base our dealings on three principles; one-stop shop for all your needs, best possible service and delivery, and provision of top-notch quality products. 
In Scuba diving, the diver becomes completely independent of any supply from surface and uses the self-contained under-water breathing apparatus to breathe. In order to assure safe and smooth sailing of this process, Action outdoors not only provides you with complete scuba diving fishing gear but also offers answers to all your queries and safety measures you need to consider to stay safe.
As you now know, the scuba divers carry their on source of breathing oxygen, the scuba diving gear cannot be compromised on. Action outdoors provides you with every item you might need to complete diving and spearfishing gear of yours, so that you are not left wondering for options.
Your safety is of key importance to us which is why we stock the best equipment to complete your diving gear, be it dive regulators, scales, masks, footwear, snorkels, gauges, compensators or spear guns, we have got you all covered with our biggest range of diving and spear fishing gear at the best prices all over the market.
Action outdoors also suggests to get yourself examined by experts before embarking on adventures such as diving and spearfishing. You should possess the prescribed levels of fitness and health along with our diving and spearfishing gear to pursue these challenges. Moreover, alongside the health and fitness requirements you should also be compliant with the level of training and certification required from certified instructors to be able to avoid any unfortunate incidents in the process of carrying out adventures.
Action outdoors offers both the equipment as well as guidance to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for you under water.
Our range in this regard is extensive and features a long list of products which you can browse through and place your orders on our web portal or visit our store and shop yourself. 
Some of our key products alongside their application, usage and the precautionary measures are written below you can order these as well as a number of other such products from our website to complete diving and spearfishing gear of yours.
Diving Fins and Footwear:
Action outdoors offers a wide range and great variety of diving fins and footwear from world renowned brands such as Cressi and Sea Harvester to perfectly match your needs and requirements.
The primary source of moving underwater for the divers is with the help of fins attached to their feet. Owing to this importance of fins and footwear, Action outdoors lay great emphasis on availability of great variety in dining fins and footwear.
Action outdoors also stock open heel fins which are designed to be used alongside dive boots, it is done by providing larger foot pockets than those of closed heel scuba diving fins. 
Diving Masks and Snorkels:
Action outdoors offers a wide range of products in diving masks and snorkels to match your needs in the best possible way. Diving masks and snorkels are of great importance in completion of your diving and spearfishing gear, which is why, we at Action outdoors stress on the availability of masks and snorkels to meet all your needs.
A diving mask allows an underwater diver to improve its vision and see clearly underwater. You can choose your desired diving mask as per your needs ranging from full face masks or diving helmets to half masks. 
Whether you’re a scuba diver, snorkeler or a free-diver our diving mask and snorkels range has the best suited product for you in stores.
Action outdoors stocks w wide variety of Snorkels which are used by divers while swimming on the surface. 
Scuba Dive packages:
Action outdoors offers you all-in-one combinations to match your needs perfectly. These combo include multiple products from world renowned brands such as Cressi and sea harvester.
Many combos are offered to match your requirements and make your diving experience a memorable one. Combinations include Cressi diving regulators, Buoyancy Compensators and Mini combo 2 Console with SPG.
Action outdoors provides you with the best possible combos which are easy on your pocket and help you in meeting all your needs at the same time without compromising on the quality we promise.
We offer the best quality-price ratio on all our products and with these combinations, we ensure our aim to serve all your needs in the best way while charging you the least.
In addition to these products we stock a number of other such products which are must-have items for you to complete diving and spearfishing gear such as spear guns, dive regulators, buoyancy compensators and dive computer and gauges which combine to make up for an extended range of products in diving and spearfishing gear of ours.
You can browse through our web portal to pick and choose your desired products or you can visit our store in person to shop from our best quality diving and spearfishing range.
Order your desired products now before we run out of them, and get them shipped to you in three days.

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