Okuma Ceymar 40 + Nano Matrix 20-60gm Spin

Okuma Ceymar 40 Reel & Nano Matrix Spinning Rod Combo - Length - 6foot 3inches - Lure Weight:  20-60gm

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Okuma Rod Surf Nano 3pce-10-24kg

Okuma Rod - Rock and Surf Nano Matrix 3pce, 10foot, Rock and Surf Heavy.  Line Weight:  10-24kg 80-225gm

In stock can be shipped within 1 Business Days days

Okuma Rod Spin Nano Matrix 1 Piece

Okuma Rod Spin Nano Matrix 1Piece 6'3 -.  20-60-gram Lure.  Perfect for jigs and soft bait.  Lightweight and super sensitive.

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You save NZ$20.00
In stock can be shipped within 2 Business days

IGFA Momoi 37kg 5lb spool Fluoro Yellow (Line Class: 37kg, Line Colour: Fluro Yellow)

Premium Fishing Line - Momoi 37kg, 5lb spool.  Colour: Flouro Yellow.  Length 3,000m.  High quality monofilament line perfect for tournament fishing.

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New IGFA Momoi Line 1000m Spool LB 60kg (Line Class: 60kg, Line Colour: Blue)

IGFA Premium Monofilament Fishing Line, 60kg x 1000m spool, Light Blue
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10lb x 30m MoMoi Pink F/Carbon (Colour: Pink-Lumo, Size: 10lb / 4.5kilo)

10lb x 30m Momoi Pink Fluoro Carbon.  An enhanced version of the Hi-Catch Fluorocarbon in terms of abrasion resistance.  

From NZ$14.50
Was NZ$17.99
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In stock can be shipped within 1 days
Action Outdoors Ltd

Action Outdoors Ltd Fishing Tackle Store and Factory Shop Avondale Auckland.

Importer of Cast Nets; IGFA-Fishing Tackle; CrayPots; Anchors; Ropes; Chains; Yacht Braids; 
Hunting Outdoor Gear; Marine Gear

Manufacturer Of High-Quality Custom Made Fishing Nets made to latest MPI rules


Suppliers of Ropes and other Accessories to NZ Government Agencies & Councils


We are one of New Zealand’s leading Fishing Net Stores:

Our Fishing nets are all made here in our Auckland store by our team that has over 40 years experience.

Our best-selling nets are Flounder Nets, Mullet Nets, Bait Nets, Piper Nets and Snapper Nets.

We make Fishing nets suitable for use in the North Island, South Island and Pacific Islands.

As well as Fishing nets we stock a wide range of high-quality equipment including:

Boat  Kayak and Beach Fishing Nets, Cast Nets, Fishing Tackle, CrayPots, Anchors, Ropes, Chain, Lures, Oars, Manila Rope, Hunting and Outdoor Gear

We also have one of the largest selection of ropes, suitable for your marine, decorative and household needs. Most of these are available by the meter or in reels coils or hanks of up to 1000m.

But we are not all about Fishing here, we also stock a wide range of hunting gear from gun safes to camouflage and everything in between!

We are constantly adding new and exciting products to our range so make sure that you keep up to date by regularly checking our specials and new products pages and sign up to our newsletter which will give you first notifications on sales and new products!

We also offer a Click and Collect Service which offers the quickest option and the best price. Select this option at checkout and your order will be ready for collection from our store at your convenience.

Best Nets - Best Price - 30% more fish caught with our nets compared to other imported nets.

When you are here visiting New Zealand it is important to make sure that you read the weather conditions correctly for any fishing or hunting trips you may wish to make.

Here at Action Outdoors, we would not recommend you plan a trip without first Checking the rain radar and the New Zealand weather forecast.

It is important to make sure you check out the long range weather service on the Met Service NZ Website:www.metservice.com.

Met Service provides important information required when planning your Fishing or Hunting Trips.


Action Outdoors have everything you need for fishing in Our Avondale Factory Outlet Store Auckland New Zealand.

Whether you are visiting us on holiday having flown here with Air New Zealand or whether you live here, we can help you with all your fishing and hunting needs.

We stock a wide range of fishing gear including Fishing Nets, Buoys, Rods, Reels, Anchors, Chain, Hooks, Sinkers, Line, Swivels and Fishing Tackle

What makes us stand out from most stores that sell fishing gear is that the fishing nets we sell are all made at our premises in NZ and we can help with replacement-restringing fishing nets.