80% off Fineline Short Lengths

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80% off Fineline Short Lengths

80% off Fineline Short Lengths


80% Off  In-Store Only Fineline Short Lengths.  A wide range of colours and sizes are available



Double Braids, Sash Cords, Yacht Braids.  Wide Range of Ropes, Colours & Lengths.  Sizes Range from 1mm to 20mm for the Braids and Ropes.  
10m Rope Lengths to 100m Rope Lengths.  Price Range - $2.00 up to $10.00. 

These ropes are only available in store.  
Phone orders and inquiries are not possible due to the quantity and variations available of these short lengths.

This discounted offer is only available while stocks of these short lengths last


Click Here to be taken to all Fineline full reels of rope and cords which are now at our new discounted prices.


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