CrayPots and Accessories

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CrayPots and Accessories

CrayPots and Accessories

Do you want to make a better CRAYPOT - See Our New Range of Craypots, Crabpots and Berley


Read on for information on selecting your crayfish pot and net and information regarding the handling and measuring of lobsters.

We have a large range of Cray Pots - Crab Pots - Pull Pots and Eel-Fyke Nets suitable for recreational use in local NZ waters

New Zealand rock lobsters found around our coastline and offshore islands are referred to as "crayfish", a name more correctly applied to freshwater species.  They are often fished by commercial, recreational and by Maori customary fishers.  The sustainable management of our rock lobster fisheries is supported by an extensive research programme and an enforcement and compliance regime.

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Click Here for the MAF Regulations on Craypot Fishing

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