Lyttelton Harbour Declared Marine Reserve

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Lyttelton Harbour Declared Marine Reserve

Lyttelton Harbour Declared Marine Reserve

Lyttelton Harbour Declared Marine Reserve by Government

  • Minister for Primary Industries Nathan Guy has declared the Lyttelton Harbour/Whakaraupō Mātaitai Reserve and appointed the Tāngata Tiaki/Kaitiaki for the reserve.
  • The Mātaitai Reserve stops all commercial fishing in the area and allows the Kaitiaki to recommend fisheries by-laws to the Minister.
  • The reserve covers the inner part of Lyttelton Harbour from the easternmost point of Otokitoki/Gollans Bay to the easternmost point of Deep Gully Bay.
  • The Mātaitai Reserve excludes the Rāpaki Bay Mātaitai Reserve, Diamond Harbour Wharf, Lyttelton Port and Te Awaparahi Bay areas.

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