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NEW Piper Bait Nets

NEW Piper Bait Nets

Get ready for a Blast with These Special Piper Bait Nets!

This is the perfect way to catch vast quantities of live bait fish and increase your catch rates. These specially made nets are specifically designed to make your life

easier while you are fishing.

Even though the first-generation Piper Bait Nets have become a great success, we have decided to make them stronger. As conditions are becoming harsher, we have taken the opportunity to make our piper bait nets heftier - for all conditions. In this new model, we have added more ties to secure the rope to the net better. 

With More Floats and 7mm Leadcore rope, this is our strongest Piper Bait net ever - Check out our new video





and Don't forget your Combo!










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