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Now Available - SALT AWAY

Now Available - SALT AWAY

Back on The Shelves - Just in Time For Spring Cleaning!

If you spend a lot of time and money on boating, you will want to protect your investment with products that will keep it in good shape.

Salt-Away was designed to remove salt just by spraying on it. The Spray Bottle is part of the Kit, which makes it easy to apply the formula directly onto your boat's surface and rinse it off. Since salt crystals magnify sunlight, it causes etching on your boat's surface. Salt-Away helps reduce these effects by removing the salt and keeping your boat looking new longer.



​Salt-Away makes it easy to clean your fishing boat. Just hose down the deck with Salt-Away at the end of the day and let it sit for 5 minutes. The salt and fish parts will wash away without scrubbing. 

Salt-Away is not just for cleaning the exterior of your boat, motorhome or jet ski...It is also highly sought after for Engine flushing.

Salt-Away mixes with water, creating a powerful saltwater solution that can clean boat engines and reduce corrosion. Many boaters began taking their engines back to their dealers to have them retrofitted to accept the Salt-Away Mixing Unit, making adding the solution to engines easy.

Salt-Away Engine Flush is formulated to do three jobs on your car's engine - the inside from rusting and corroding and begin to break apart salt accumulation.

All ingredients in Salt-Away are non-hazardous, non-toxic and environmentally safe. 

Take a look at Our Salt-Away Products now in-store!

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